Smart of Pentagon to give contracts to Microsoft, not Amazon

The New York Times:

Microsoft will make augmented reality headsets for the Army in a $21.9 billion deal.

” … Microsoft has long courted Defense Department work, including a $10 billion contract to build a cloud-computing system. Amazon had been seen as a front-runner to win the contract, but the Defense Department chose Microsoft.”

“Amazon claimed that President Donald J. Trump had interfered in the process because of his feud with Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive and the owner of The Washington Post. A legal fight over the contract is still active.”

Microsoft is into surveillance capitalism, just like (almost) all other Big Tech companies, but cultural conservatives will react less negatively to Microsoft than Amazon because the latter distributes LGBT content and libertinism (and worse material) that disgusts all moderate cultural conservatives (and moderate liberals too in the worst cases).

Microsoft is therefore at the time of writing more culturally neutral than Amazon that has become a perceived disgusting company because it distributes content that cultural conservatives will always perceive as being disgusting.

Nationalists and patriots are the fiercest fighters in a defensive war. Even Stalin had to appeal to nationalism to mobilize the Russians to fight Hitler. Xi is a “nationalist” too, a leader who is smart enough, at the moment, to not let LGBT and libertinism be part of the mainstream cultural ideals of China.

Pentagon will alienate many of its best fighters by cooperating with Amazon. This cooperation is also a security risk. A foreign power can give an usb stick or a similar device containing a virus to a moderate cultural conservative in the US army and he/she will use it to destroy Amazon servers. A real conservative will do this since rightwing people correctly view the military today as a libertine woke institution, under the Biden administration. Just google “woke military”.

Amazon is such a divisive cultural and political entity that it constitutes a national security risk. Because 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) dual-use tech makes it possible for radical cultural conservatives to create very dangerous weapons. The psychological barrier to using these weapons is significantly reduced when radicals are blinded by the perceived disgusting content distributed by corporations like Amazon.

Disgust radicalizes people because it neutralizes empathy. Disgust is genocidal. That’s why Nazi propaganda associated the Jews with rats and diseases. The same happened in Rwanda.

Only very naive ultra-liberals think it’s possible to use exposure therapy and Pavlovian conditioning in mainstream entertainment and games to desensitize billions of cultural conservatives around the world in such a degree that disgust will no longer be a political factor.

The above desensitizing tactic has in one way the opposite effect of what ultra-liberals try to achieve. It makes people who are already peaceful more tolerant, but it also enrages many of those who are prone to joining radical conservative movements, increasing the risk of terrorist attacks, cf the attack in Orlando, 2016. With 4IR weapons the next attack can be devastating on a scale never seen before in the history of terrorism.

For more on this just do an online search for “the politics of disgust”.

Amazon contributes to radicalizing cultural conservatives. Microsoft is so far perceived as being more culturally and politically neutral. A military defending a whole nation, and not just one party, should remain as ideologically and culturally neutral as possible.

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