First jobs with Biden’s infrastructure plan, then gradual AI robot takeover between 2024 and 2032


President Biden unveils his $2 trillion infrastructure plan – here are the details

Many found very good reasons to criticize the Nazis but common Germans didn’t care because Hitler gave them jobs and new infrastructure, notably the Autobahn. Then came WW2.

The following is obviously not meant to compare the Biden administration with the Nazi regime in all regards, but notice one thing they do have in common:

Republicans and Trump voters will find many good reasons to criticize the Biden administration but common people will not care about such criticism if Biden/Harris actually manage to create millions of jobs the next 4 or 8 years through new infrastructure initiatives. What people will notice less is that the AI robot infrastructure will be built simultaneously, and the infrastructure created by human workers will of course be compatible with the parallel building of AI infrastructure, as explained in the NSCAI report:

After human workers have helped create an AI compatible infrastructure, then robots will be advanced enough to take over and make billions unemployed and irrelevant in unescapable surveillance regimes from Beijing to Washington DC.

The NSCAI report shows how Big Tech will merge even more with Big Government, and Big Tech has profited so much from the pandemic that these global corporations can afford higher taxes anyway, so it’s no surprise that the “liberal” CorpState elite will support Biden’s infrastructural Great Reset to a new AI society of robotic communism, which can also be called a corporate AI fascistoid system, since all types of totalitarianism basically have the same structure. China Unscripted:

How Government Regulation Helps Billion Dollar Companies

In the coming Brave New World the last remains of cultural conservatism will disappear forever, with no possibility of ever returning, because the AI panopticon and the micro-targeting propaganda machine will use education and entertainment, especially VR/AR or NeuraLink games, to “nudge” kids, young adults and the new generation of common people into supporting global woke libertinism, making political elections pointless, even when the uni-party of DINOs and RINOs change between winning elections.

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