Biden’s new overpowered broadband infrastructure is “Skynet” killing cultural conservatism in rural areas

Wired just published an interesting article with a partially misleading headline:

Biden Announces His Broadband Plan—and ISPs Will Hate It

“As we recently reported, the congressional Democrats’ plan would include an $80 billion fund to deploy broadband with download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps to unserved areas. These speeds would likely require a massive fiber-to-the-home investment and is opposed by AT&T, which argues that Americans should be happy with 10 Mbps upload speeds.”

Why does Biden want to create a nationwide “future-proof” Internet with 100 Mbps when 10Mbps are enough? Two reasons. Firstly it’s because the goal in the near future is to introduce IoT, robots and VR/AR entertainment in all homes. That will teach your kids to associate dopamine kicks with libertine woke propaganda in highly addictive (Neuralink) games.

100 Mbps will make it possible to transmit surveillance data from each home, data that can be used to detect the sentiments of citizens, detect who is a conservative dissident, in addition to feeding all this data to AI which learns through endless data streams.

The Biden administration says that building nationwide broadband today is similar to creating the power grid which gave electricity to every house and farm. “Broadband internet is the new electricity.” This broadband infrastructure is defined as being necessary if citizens want to participate in the society created by Silicon Valley and Washington DC.

To make it appear “decentralized” Biden says the network will to a large degree be owned, operated or affiliated with municipal local governments, non-profits and cooperatives. But this infrastructure will also be connected to the Big Tech military-industrial complex, as described in the NSCAI report:

The NSCAI says that it’s necessary to ” … build secure digital infrastructure across the nation, shared cloud computing access, and smart cities to truly leverage AI …” Smart homes are part of smart cities. And that’s the second reason why Big Tech and Biden wants 100 Mbps broadband, since it’s part of the AI military structure. AI + Internet + military = the beginning of Skynet. But it will not be Terminators controlling humanity. It will be done through “friendly” police robots, tiny insect drone swarms, omnipresent IoT and eventually nanobots inside people’s Neuralink cyborg bodies, though very advanced cyborgs will probably not be a reality until 2075 maybe. Cultural conservatism in the West will probably be dead by 2040 if the AI surveillance of Big Tech is not physically destroyed now.

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