academic militant activism “uncensored”

In these times of censorship, deplatforming, cancel culture and even arrest of some ideological influencers you may wonder why authorities, i.e. intelligence agencies, don’t find a way to shut down After all, if they want to shut down something or someone they have the means and will to do it. I speculate that there are 7 reasons why they let my website exist.

1) Intelligence agencies know that: Militant activists are generally poor academics. Academics are generally poor militant activists, so when I create an academic guide to militant activism it falls between two chairs. My articles here don’t get many likes, and don’t get shared a lot (at the time of writing, March 31, 2021). Intelligence agencies also know that I have the ability to make effective underground propaganda, if I wanted to, so they rather have me above ground writing long boring texts on a website almost nobody reads anyway. I assume and guess that’s their containment strategy in my case, the exception which confirms the rule of censorship. However, I’m not allowed to write about militant activism in “mainstream” (= corporate) media. My Dr Philos thesis on militant activism got stopped. So I don’t have any authority even if I wanted to have it.

Why don’t I create propaganda in favor of militant activism? Because I instinctively detest all propaganda. Secondly, even high-quality propaganda can unwittingly motivate some activists to conduct reckless operations that kill innocent civilians. I don’t want that. In this regard one can say that intelligence agencies and I have overlapping interests. Guess they kind of “support” that one retired militant activist tell other activists not to be reckless and irresponsible, even in a war situation.

2) I’m a hyper-individualist, a voluntary self-occupied/arrogant/hypocritical outcast, criticizing all tribes and groups, including those herds sharing my own values and interests, so l’ll never be a major ideological influencer worth killing. And dragging me to court will force media to write about my case, and the intelligence community (IC) doesn’t want that, if they can avoid it.

3) Since I work academically in the original tradition of Machiavelli, cf books like Redeeming the Prince, I let both friends and enemies, elites and common people, see my work on militant tactics and strategies. This honest openness – saying what I mean, and meaning what I say, even when it hurts my own cause – have some value to intelligence officers who probably are dead tired of the Byzantine environment of 4th- and 5th-generation warfare. Radical honesty, despite biases which can’t be avoided since I’m human, all too human, is sometimes refreshing in a situation of smoke and mirrors where most people are tribalist liars (for a good noble cause…)

4) I live in Norway, a small country where I’m too connected, so that puts some limitations on what intelligence agencies can do, I hope 🙂

5) Being a white hat Machiavellian it’s in one way no natural animosity between me and black hat Machiavellians, similar to how hackers of all colors understand each other. High-functioning empaths and high-functioning psychopaths can co-exist surprisingly well.

6) intelligence agencies, CEOs and politicians don’t really fear militant activists or terrorists. At worst it’s just a little sand in the machinery, at best it’s a media opportunity to scare common people into supporting more surveillance and increasing the budgets of intelligence agencies. They only get concerned when mass uprisings reach a critical level where it threatens the Establishment. And they worry about the major players in the “great game” of Cold War 2. Meta-data gives them reason to assume I’m not on that level of the game, and therefore not a priority, I guess…

7) intelligence agencies and Big Tech know that the cat is already out of the bag. Shutting down will not change anything, for better or worse.

Basically, I’m an anomaly, so don’t expect that you will get the same treatment if just copying my example. There are of course some borders I can’t even cross without somebody saying: time to put him down. Never forget that luck or God’s protection is the main factor in the “Great Game”.

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