In which degree is it likely that US militias will attack Big Tech?

To see the background of this article read:

Why we are at war

It’s logical that a large and advanced attack on Big Tech will require 1) a resourceful and sophisticated US militia, 2) a smaller less advanced militant organization but with good connections to powerful actors abroad or domestically, or 3) a very rich group or a single multi-millionaire hiring a private military company with headquarters in a non- Western country.

What is the risk of the above happening today or in the near future? It’s basically impossible to say, because it’s too complex and chaotic in a Byzantine environment where approximately 74 million Trump voters are more or less hating Big Tech, partly because of the former President being banned. Timcast:

Trump Interview DELETED By Facebook, Company Says Trump’s Voice Is NOT Allowed In ANY Capacity

However, 1) is not that likely. Maybe a five to ten percent risk, but that is just a guess based on no other evidence than the fact that US militias didn’t exactly impress prior to 1/6. This might have changed in the aftermath of the unimpressive Capitol riot attack, Jan 06, 2021.

2) or 3) increases the risk to maybe somewhere between twenty and seventy percent. Again, this is just based on a gut feeling, a guess.

All in all, 1) – 3) taken together, one can say that if a large advanced attack hits Big Tech, the military and intelligence agencies in the US have relatively good reason to suspect that a culturally conservative domestic organization or a rightwing American solo terrorist is responsible. Even if foreign actors have more resources and better weapons, in addition to being equally motivated as domestic cultural conservatives to attack Big Tech. Because when there is somewhere between five and seventy percent chance that the perpetrators are domestic, you just got to investigate it, despite leaning to the conclusion that the probability is much closer to 10% than 70%.

If hostile foreign actors plant just a few pieces of evidence indicating that the perpetrator is domestic, then FBI will be forced to focus more on suspects in the heartland of America.

The culture and surveillance war in the West today is probably the best chance that hostile foreign actors will ever have to attack the AI power of Big Tech corporations like Amazon and get away without US retaliation afterward.

The more a US Big Tech corporation spreads libertinism and LGBT content, the more likely it is that a cultural conservative is responsible if an attack occurs. Amazon is therefore the most likely target. Taking down or crippling the main Big Tech player in the culture and surveillance war will embolden domestic militias. They will probably take it from there, after seeing that it’s not a hopeless fight to attack Big Tech. They just need a little help to shake off defeatism.

When Big Tech companies are aware of the “determinism” and “social physics” (Alex Pentland) described above, one may wonder why they choose to increase the risk of a massive attack by doubling down in the culture war instead of returning to moderate liberality. It’s like they are basing their policies on outdated anti-terrorism manuals from the 1980s. Or are they just blinded by their own tribalism and ideological dogmatism? Are they gambling on an attack not being several hundred times worse than what happened in Oklahoma City?

Acting like a strongman, posturing the way Trump did against North Korea, or the way Bush dealt with al-Qaeda, makes sense if you know the enemy. Libertine woke Big Tech has thousands of different enemies all over the world. Deterrence doesn’t work when you have that many unknown enemies. It’s like a man posturing and flexing his power prior to being ambushed by a swarm of killer bees. You can exterminate hundred bee hives after the attack, in pure rage, but then a mosquito suddenly attacks and you die of malaria. That’s the social physics of the global jungle today. It’s 5th generation warfare.

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