The sustainability problem of a culturally conservative resistance, in a war

For the background of this article read:

Why we are at war

The problem with the “little man”, who constitutes the “silent majority” or the anonymous Internet user – is that the little man doesn’t think big, unlike Elon Musk and all other very influential entrepreneurs through history. The gut reaction of the little man is that “it’s too big to be realistic” and “it can’t be done”, so we might as well give up, which in practice means that they follow Big Tech as obedient sheep.

If you have the ability to “think big”, without ending in fantasyland, reflect upon the following.

Imagine this future scenario: one day we are at a stage of the conflict where the libertine woke Big Tech surveillance complex is so fortified and defended by private military companies that only real (full scale) war can make it possible to defeat the new undemocratic CorpStates in the West.

Perhaps conservative militias in the US somehow manage to mobilize 5000 or 10 000 highly trained and competent warfighters in a battle against Big Tech on the West Coast. The enemy will then send in 25 000 troops to end the battle. Maybe 500 conservative soldiers get killed in the (guerrilla-style) attack before retreating when these troops arrive. In the aftermath, maybe 1500 rebels get hunted down and arrested. The resistance must then recruit 2000 new soldiers. But how can you quickly enough recruit people if not having spent a lot of time and energy on informing average people about why we are fighting?

We can almost take it for granted that corporate media will try to spin news about the battle in such a way that common people don’t really know what to believe if not having already heard from the resistance why there is a fight.

Average citizens today have no idea what transhumanism is all about, and most of them have been so habituated (brainwashed) to rely on the Big Tech infrastructure that they don’t see libertinism, wokeness and surveillance as such a big problem that it justifies war. Even people on Gab appear not to take the war option seriously, though it’s difficult to know what people are thinking since nobody on a social media platform should express support for war, unless they are in a position to not worry about FBI, NSA, CIA.

Resistance is not a popularity contest. It actually doesn’t rely on having majority support, as explained here:

But it’s easier to secure recruitment if common people know why it’s a war that humans should win, because the alternative is that AI robots take over. But this takeover will not be done by scary Terminators. The occupation will be gradual when Big Tech spreads cute and friendly robots all over the West. Robots saying: we are from Big Tech and we are here to help you.

We’ll be portrayed as anti-tech extremists who are against robots that save lives.

It’s therefore not an absolute necessity but an advantage if as many people as possible are informed about the reasons why we are at war. You don’t have to mention me or my website: Just spread the word.

But maybe it all boils down to a single almost insurmountable psychological problem: Big Tech and Big Government are used to thinking big. They deployed 25 000 troops to guard the US Capitol. But nobody attacked. Mainly because guerrilla war is not fought that way. Secondarily because not even militia leaders are really into thinking that big, despite their big dreams.

If tech corporations are ever attacked, in a way that actually has an impact, it will probably be done by drug cartels, large foreign terrorist organizations and/or non-Western (rogue factions within) intelligence agencies or Special Forces. And then we got the solo WMD terrorist…

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