The AI future is for robots and the talented in meditation, art and social work

Here’s how Big Tech is selling the AI future to woke urbanists, in a Ted Talk:

The value of your humanity in an automated future | Kevin Roose

Kai-Fu Lee, a Big Tech boss, sells the same chill Zen hippie future in his book AI Superpowers.

The sales pitch is meant to mitigate the feeling that you will become an irrelevant human being when AI robots take all our essential jobs. The only things remaining are jobs related to getting people to feel better, it’s just emotion and feeling management. Which would have been great if all human beings wanted to become Zen monks, artists, nurses or social workers. But especially men are usually not made that way, and many women are not that into it either.

In the 1970s in Norway, women stayed at home with children and were social outdoors with other moms while we kids were running around playing. Dad worked, eight hours, and we had a decent ordinary house, but lived spartan and life was good, without crime.

We humans need to have meaning in our lives, to feel that we are contributing with something necessary and important to our own society, our own tribe. In pre-modern times, men had that feeling when hunting. But meaning disappears when robots are doing everything that’s essential in life, only leaving us with improving our feelings.

It’s something wrong with a future society where you have to ask about the “value of your humanity”. When watching the above video, ask yourself: how many spend years on becoming doctors only to just work on their bedside manners after they get a job in a hospital? How many spend years on becoming accountants only to get a job where they spend eight hours a day on improving their ability to entertain customers? In this “social skills”-future, are you talented enough to compete? Do you have high enough emotional quotient?

Sure, for sweatshop workers, especially women, it’s good that robots do the monotonous work. But if we worked meaningfully on creating a fair economic system we would not need robots as a quick artificial fix. And who owns the AI and robots? The same elites that own the sweatshops. So how fair will an AI future of robots be in real life?

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