Moderate cultural conservatives can’t compromise traditional family values in the culture and surveillance war

This article here is a followup and clarification of topics presented here:

Libertinism and LGBT can exist freely in subcultures but moderate cultural conservatives can never accept that these lifestyles become part of a mainstream culture, because that will violate one of the three core values of moderate cultural conservatism: 1) traditional family values, 2) non-modern religion, and 3) ethno-nationalism.

Traditional family institutions are an essential building block of 2) and 3):

Traditional marriage is a sacred institution in orthodox religions. Being defined as sacred it follows logically that there is basically no room in a mainstream culture for competing lifestyles. Fundamentalists will not even allow it in subcultures. Moderates however are willing to compromise and accept non-traditional arrangements as long as a) they are secular copies of ordinary marriages, or b) they only stay within subcultures and don’t enter mainstream culture by for example being present on the platforms of large corporations or their subsidiaries.

Critics will argue that even orthodox believers have changed their attitude to norms and customs that were considered divine commandments in the past. Orthodox Christians today don’t support that stoning is used as a form of punishment. But there is an essential difference between divine punishment and the sacred. The former involves inflicting pain, which is seen as a necessary evil, to protect a greater good. But infliction of pain is not part of the sacred. It’s just one of many ways to motivate people to respect laws, which means that these judicial punishments are methods that can be changed when no longer being necessary in a society. Marriage, on the other hand, is a positive institution. It’s viewed by moderate cultural conservatives to be a good institution. It’s therefore also viewed as being part of the sacred. The sacred is unchangeable, and that’s why a true moderate orthodox believer can never compromise it by accepting competing lifestyles and marital arrangements in the mainstream culture of a state, especially if it’s not a stable secular partnership based on a deep commitment between a man and woman.

Ethno-nationalism is all about honoring the ancestors who worked to create your society, who were willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the territory of your own ethnic group. Having children in a traditional marriage secures the ancestral lineage. It’s a very strong bond of loyalty between a man and a woman when they have children, an interaction which normally produces oxytocin, the neurotransmitter of social bonding. A traditional family is therefore the basic unit of an ethnic tribe. Tribes of the same ethnic group are the building blocks of a municipality, and several of the latter may combine to constitute a county. These counties are the building blocks of a nation state. In other words: a traditional family is the basic unit of an ethnically based nation state. Marriage within the framework of a non-modern religion secures the stability of this smallest unit of the nation state. That’s just a basic principle of moderate cultural conservatism. Take it or leave it.

It’s also a fundamental principle of moderate cultural conservatism that all citizens in a constitutional democracy have the same basic judicial rights and legal protections, as listed and described by classic liberalism, regardless of their biological or social identities, i.e. regardless of any type of group identity.

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