In the culture and surveillance war it’s up to the ultra-liberal Establishment to compromise

It’s not inciting violence or advocating for war when claiming that the following is an empirical fact about social reality: there is a state of war between moderate cultural conservatives and the libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes in the West today.

The arguments below are clear and logical, but to get a better understanding of this article it’s perhaps best to first read:

Why we are at war

It’s a scientific (falsifiable) statement when claiming it’s just a fact that a majority of large social groups will (as a last resort) go to war to prevent that their own core values and most fundamental interests are destroyed by another group, presupposing that they are not totally overpowered and have the means and ability to start a war.

Moderate liberals, for example, went to war in 1939 and 1940 when seeing that their core values were threatened by Nazi Germany.

In other words, when a value or interest is an essential part of the core of an ideology you can’t compromise it without destroying the ideology.

Defending that libertine wokeness should be part of mainstream culture is not a core value of moderate liberality, so today’s Establishment can stop defending it without compromising the basic values of liberality.

Defending traditional family institutions in mainstream society is a core value of moderate cultural conservatives, so they simply cannot compromise this basic value without destroying their own ideology. More on this here:

Moderate cultural conservatives can’t compromise traditional family values in the culture and surveillance war

The ultra-liberal Establishment today can easily compromise by simply returning to the moderate/classic liberality which has always been a main pillar of the Western constitutional democratic tradition since John Locke, Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill.

Moderate cultural conservatives cannot compromise when it comes to defending that only traditional family values should be part of the mainstream culture since this defense is a fundamental principle of moderate cultural conservatism.

Moderate liberals and moderate conservatives are always able to cooperate and create peaceful and stable constitutional democracies because both have learned to compromise in the following way: the government doesn’t restrict the liberty of individuals belonging to left- or rightwing minority groups as long as their values/interests are not part of the mainstream culture but instead exist freely in subcultures.

Moderate cultural conservative can tolerate almost all minority interests as long as they are not on the main street but Off-Broadway instead. However, when traditional family values in the mainstream culture are threatened by libertinism and LGBT, spread by Big Tech and other large corporations, it follows logically from the basic principles of moderate cultural conservatives that they are in a state of war with libertine woke corporations.

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