Warning about drone and IoT surveillance is not the dark version of tech hype

drone-surveillance.info seeks to discover reality as it is, so all tech hype, including exaggerated claims about impending doom caused by allegedly very dangerous new tech, is not welcome here.

At the end of this post are three articles criticizing those who (appear to) make sensationalist claims about the dangerous power of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech. You should read them. But notice that these articles don’t mention surveillance. They don’t mention this:


After reading the articles I agree with much of their criticism of the possibility of soon creating 1) Artificial General Intelligence, and 2) very advanced transhuman cyborgs, but here is my perspective on these two topics:


When dealing with potentially life-threatening emerging technologies that will change society and humanity on a very fundamental level there is nothing premature about warning people of changes that will probably be very devastating in the future, perhaps 30 years from now.

In the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes we can read:

“Just then, in 1932, Szilard found or took up for the first time that appealing orphan among H. G. Wells’ books that he had failed to discover before: The World Set Free. Despite its title, it was not a tract like The Open Conspiracy. It was a prophetic novel, published in 1914, before the beginning of the Great War. Thirty years later Szilard could still summarize The World Set Free in accurate detail. Wells describes, he says:

 . . . the liberation of atomic energy on a large scale for industrial purposes, the development of atomic bombs, and a world war which was apparently fought by an alliance of England, France, and perhaps including America, against Germany and Austria, the powers located in the central part of Europe. He places this war in the year 1956, and in this war the major cities of the world are all destroyed by atomic bombs.”

It is interesting that some are trying to make Big Tech appear less dangerous just when criticism of Big Tech is very intense today. Cultural conservatives are basically not going to buy it, even when some criticism of Big Tech power is not well enough supported by documented facts. Cultural conservatives never play Russian roulette with the future.

That being said, enjoy these informative and interesting articles:

Lee Vinsel:

You’re Doing It Wrong: Notes on Criticism and Technology Hype

The Guardian:

Is online advertising about to crash, just like the property market did in 2008?

Scientific American:

Premature Freak-Outs about Techno-Enhancement

It’s too late to freak out when AI robots and cyborgs are mature.

It took 30 years to make common people aware of climate changes in such a degree that most of them took it seriously on an intellectual level (regardless of whether they believed it was manmade or not). Mobilizing people today against Big Tech surveillance states can take 30 years. Snowden’s contribution to the surveillance debate in 2013 has not significantly changed anything, as of March 2021. Warning about transhumanism and joblessness caused by robots in the next decade(s), is therefore not premature.

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