The reasons why authoritarian regimes may attack libertine woke Big Tech earlier than later

The balance of power demands that weaker powers act independently or together to stop a dominant power with capabilities that constitute an existential threat to them. If ultra-liberal Big Tech achieves AI supremacy first, it will be an existential threat to all authoritarian regimes, even China and Russia. It will be the third and final wave of liberal imperialism, cf Empire by Niall Ferguson and The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, two books which respectively cover the two first waves.

One or more authoritarian regimes may perhaps attack Big Tech cities before 2025 because of the following reasons:

1) massive overpopulation between 2030 and 2050 will make it difficult for weak authoritarian regimes to maintain domestic stability and regional peace while simultaneously fighting the superior AI war machine of ultra-liberal American coastal states.

2) increased climate changes the next 30 years is a fact. When I in January saw insects flying outside in Norway I have seen with my own eyes that climate changes are real, but to which extent it’s manmade can be debated. The point however is that no matter the cause it will get bloody hot in states closer to the Equator. Fighting an AI war against liberal Big Tech forces will be difficult in the middle of a climate catastrophe in the 2030s or 2040s.

Russia can retreat north when it gets hotter, and the privileged in China can either move to the Himalayas or make a deal with Russia to live in arctic areas. I therefore doubt that these two nuclear empires will risk WW3 in a proxy war against Big Tech coastal states. But they may not stop non-nuclear authoritarian regimes that want to destroy the AI capability of Big Tech, similar to how Western forces have tried to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

When southern countries get very hot and overpopulated it will be easier for Big Tech coastal states to make new allies by offering them services provided by superior AI robots. American coastal states can’t offer significant AI services today, at least not in a way that clearly outcompetes what China and Russia can provide.

3) The US is now run by ultra-liberal politicians and CEOs who put “bedroom politics” (woke libertinism) above national unity and national security, with such zealotry that this elite rather risk a domestic war than returning to moderate liberality. US corporations are so weak that they let themselves be bullied by leftwing interest groups and woke media. Attacking Big Tech coastal cities now is therefore a smart move, before Democrats come to their senses and drop woke libertinism in order to make peace with moderate cultural conservatives. If an attack today is fast and massive but only affecting US coastal states, and not the heartland of America, the latter will probably not be seriously unhappy about it, as long as the attack is brief and conservatives are immediately able to move in afterward and rebuild destroyed areas on the coasts.

4) As long as the mainstream entertainment industry and Big Tech corporations continue to spread (ultra-)libertinism and wokeness there is a state of war – real war – between moderate/radical cultural conservatives and Big Tech. The last five years we have seen that the degree of libertinism and the spread of gay content in the popular culture have reached a level where even moderate cultural conservatives have good reason, from their perspective, to be in a state of war with Big Tech and broadcasting corporations distributing this material. Since these are moderate cultural conservatives it’s very difficult to detect them in military and industrial sectors that give personnel access to very dangerous weapons and ingredients/equipment.

Detection is difficult because reticence is a natural part of cultural conservatism, even some Trump voters are “shy” (totally silent) about who they support politically. It’s therefore possible that a moderate cultural conservative, or a small cell of 2-5 conservatives, have already created or gained access to highly lethal and specialized weapons, without anybody detecting it the last five years. Foreign SF soldiers are therefore free to use almost any kind of weapon in a massive attack on Big Tech without these weapons being proof that non-domestic forces are responsible. Without such proof the US can’t justify retaliation against the real perpetrators abroad.

New tech also makes it possible for authoritarian regimes to transfer the know-how (tacit knowledge) of very advanced weapon production to domestic terrorists or guerrilla fighters inside America. This development also makes it difficult for Washington DC to blame foreign actors after an attack on ultra-liberal Big Tech. For security reasons I will not discuss this new tech here, but it exists and militias can easily acquire it legally, if they figure out what it is.

But the US military and Western intelligence services will only have domestic hyper-terrorists as their primary suspects as long as there is a war between moderate cultural conservatives and libertine woke Big Tech. If the Western entertainment industry returns to the moderate liberality of John Stuart Mill, which is compatible with moderate cultural conservatism, cf Mill’s support of higher cultural values in his book Utilitarianism, then unity will be restored in the West, in such a degree that FBI or Pentagon have little reason to believe that conservatives are motivated to use the worst weapons against Big Tech.

When basic unity is restored in the West again, it will be much more difficult for hostile actors abroad to frame a cultural conservative in specialized military or industrial sectors after they have decimated a Big Tech city or urban area. But as long as the culture war lasts in the West it’s a window of opportunity to frame even a liberal engineer or scientist, by planting evidence, since everybody knows that many cultural conservatives hide their identity now, to avoid getting fired or sanctioned in other ways.

5) The new ultra-liberal American military and woke intelligence agencies will be AI-ready in 2025, according to the final NSCAI report. After that it will be difficult for hostile SF soldiers to bypass AI drones when trying to cross the US border. Right now this can be done even with a US drone flying 50 meters above a group of SF soldiers or terrorists, on a sunny cloudless day. I’m not going to say how, but it’s easier than you think, no magic tricks involved. US red teams have probably discovered how to do it but the US still lacks advanced tech to stop it. But when the AI drone armies of Big Tech becomes much better the next decade, the chance of being detected will increase, naturally.

What speaks against authoritarian regimes attacking the US now is that dictators are selfish individuals with a criminal mindset. A dictator who is 65 years old today will probably not care that ultra-liberal imperialists use their AI supremacy to conquer the world in 2040 for example, because then he’s dead or retired.

My basic assumption, based on many facts, is that the leaders of all great powers and authoritarian regimes are (a bit) like the bosses of “civilized” mafia families. This means that if Big Tech coastal regimes in the West are clever and Machiavellian enough, they may do some successful wheeling and dealing that postpone attacks on Big Tech cities until it’s too late for authoritarian states to resist libertine woke AI supremacy.

Military AI superiority, by the way, can be achieved without creating an AGI:

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