Pro Robots misleading people

While the little man thinks small here’s how the powerful think big, according to Pro Robots in a video that’s (probably) mistaken when giving the impression that Artificial General Intelligence will become conscious one day:

Super Smart Artificial Intelligence and the Future | A New Era of Artificial Intelligence

What the video says about AI creating more jobs is also misleading, because it’s only a matter of time before robots can do everything that’s practical in life, including coding new codes much better than human coders. The creators of Pro Robots know this.

For example, a farmer still had a job when tractors replaced horses but farmers will become jobless when tractors are automated and other robots do everything on big farms owned by the rich, outcompeting small farms. Human farmers can then “learn to code”, but within 5 – 20 years (almost) all coding will be done better by AI.

Elon Musk is playing Russian roulette, with the existence of humanity at stake when either being conquered by AI or merged into libertine woke cyborgs gradually replacing original humanity.

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