In the culture and surveillance war it will likely be foreign forces destroying Big Tech

If you doubt that moderate cultural conservatives are at war with the libertine woke surveillance states of Big Tech, remember that woke libertines are ready for a domestic war, as reported by CNN:

Pentagon authorizes 25,000 National Guard members for inauguration

I explain why we are at war here:

If you don’t care to read the linked article you may think I’ve just been too “radicalized”, but that’s not the case, and you’ll see that if studying what I’ve written since I started the website From the start I’ve always claimed that domestic militant conservatives probably don’t have the manpower and firepower to fight the new Big Tech libertine woke surveillance states in the West. Have always argued that it will probably be foreign forces intervening and destroying Big Tech when they see that domestic Americans can’t stop the new AI tech overlords that constitute an existential threat to all drug cartels, all terrorist organizations and all authoritarian regimes, including China and Russia, though the latter two are nuclear powers and will therefore not risk WW3 in a proxy war against Big Tech on the American coasts.

When I stated as a science-based fact that cultural conservatives are in a real war, against Big Tech, I knew that some low-informed people (also on Gab) will just dismiss it as “exaggerated” or “too far out”. Knew it might (at first) not be the best way to get support and mobilize a resistance, but a fact is a fact. Can’t deny a fact just because some uneducated individuals or cowards believe otherwise.

But here is another inconvenient fact: in war the little man doesn’t think big. I’ve therefore always claimed that domestic militia groups and other conservative militant activists probably don’t have what it takes to fight and defeat Big Tech. Perhaps I’m wrong, but my hypothesis is that we domestic rebels are not in the big league of this war. Since that is my temporary view, so far, I’m not going to waste much energy on trying to rally domestic people on social media to fight Big Tech. Because most of them will simply withdraw from a war scenario in any case, no matter what I say or write. You can show people the enemy, but if they choose to surrender you can’t force them to fight.

If Big Tech is ever defeated it will probably be done by foreign forces. To avoid US retaliation after an attack they’ll probably plant evidence leading FBI to think domestic militant activists are responsible. These foreign forces think like Curtis LeMay and Bomber Harris, so if they attack Big Tech cities, it will be massive.

All in all, I don’t think FBI has to worry that much about the domestic threat. At worst we’ll just see another counterproductive bomb attack, similar to the one in Oklahoma City but exploding in Silicon Valley or Seattle/Bellevue, an attack that will change nothing.

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