Reticence and terrorism

The Roots of Romanticism by Isaiah Berlin. Read it. You will then understand why cultural conservatives are often deliberately the opposite of the liberal and scientific tradition of enlightening everything and clarifying everything. Cultural conservatives generally appreciate reticence. There are some things a wise person doesn’t need to know, and things that cultural conservatives prefer not to talk about, for aesthetic or religious reasons. Many cultural conservatives are “shy” in this regard. Many of them will therefore not talk about it to pollsters for example.

What the above means is that a very tiny minority of cultural conservatives can be silent for ten years and then explode, without any warning. 99% of them will do some stupid and pointless act of terrorism, but if one of them have access to some serious weaponry and is not a total political idiot, he will attack those in power: corporatists and their corrupt politicians.

When hyper-polarization in a society reaches a critical point, ultra-liberals may suddenly discover that many cultural conservatives start a war against them. Keep pushing the libertine and woke envelope, and there will be active war and not just millions of defeatist cultural conservatives in the West. And when that powder keg detonates, Antifa will be the least of your problems, dear corporatists. Better hope your surveillance and private military companies are prepared.

We all should hope that it can be contained before it’s too late.

But maybe nothing happens.

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