Nationalism vs the global surveillance system in relation to antisemitism

New Statesman:

How Israel became a tech powerhouse

“Israel’s start-up sector has an outsized global influence, but remains held back by major political and structural issues.”

The Guardian:

Israeli spyware firm NSO Group faces renewed US scrutiny

What is antisemitism? Is it being critical of the Israeli military when some officers or soldiers (accidentally) break the rules of the Just War doctrine? No, such violations can happen in all militaries.

Is it antisemitism to think that the West Bank and Golan Heights don’t belong to Israel? No, and I say that despite not being opposed to Israel having this land, since I – in principle – support ALL small nation states, which logically includes Israel too.

Is it antisemitism to criticize the power which some Jewish elites have in academia, media, banking, law firms and the entertainment industry? That depends.

If you think that there is something inherent in Jewish biology or culture that motivates them to seek global control through conspiracies, then that is antisemitism.

However, if you refer to mainstream academic books, often written by pro-Jewish authors, which point out that some Jews have relative great influence and power within some sectors of some Western societies, then that is not antisemitism, if you also refer to how respected scientists explain why some Jews got this power, similar to how academics can explain why some members of other ethnic groups – like the Chinese, Lebanese and Norwegians – have gained disproportional power within some economic sectors, without it involving any extraordinary conspiracies.

Some Norwegians for example have significant power in shipping, but it doesn’t mean that all Norwegians are biologically or culturally determined to seek this kind of power.

Some Jewish elites naturally got power in many intellectual fields because it has been an almost two millennia long custom that all Jewish boys (and girls) learned to read and write (and calculate). They consequently had a natural advantage compared to other cultures that only got a widespread educational system almost two millennia later.

But with great education comes great responsibility. Since Jews are humans like everyone else it’s natural that some of them abused their knowledge to gain power in unethical ways, but some members of all other ethnic groups would have done the same if they had the opportunity. For more info read:

The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine

Jewish Power by J.J. Goldberg

Purchasing Power by Rebecca Kobrin and Adam Teller

Capitalism and the Jews by Jerry Z Muller

The House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson

Some Jewish elites, but not all, are globalists – in the same way that all ethnic groups today have globalist elites – and therefore it’s natural that nationalists are opposed to all these globalists, whether they are Jewish or not.

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