Drug cartels loyal to Big Tech after being paid billions not to attack Amazon etc?

If Bezos and Musk pay drug lords not to kill their most talented Big Tech workers, for reasons described here, the leaders of drug cartels should ask themselves: will Big Tech respect any deals they have made with organized crime once they have trillions of AI recon insect drones to hunt down all criminals and they switch to a new monetary system that bans gold and immediately wipes out the (crypto currency) fortunes of all drug lords?

Ray Dalio: The government ‘outlawing bitcoin is a good probability’

Governments Still Heavy-Handed 80 Years After FDR’s Gold Confiscation

The surveillance infrastructure and monetary system of Big Tech can be fully operational in 5 -10 years. The CorpStates of Big Tech will then have total power dwarfing the control that Mussolini once had in Sicily. Consequently, from a criminal viewpoint is it worth making any deals with Big Tech No. Just look at what these “liberals” have done to their opponents in the past, in Libya and Iraq for example.

Why not take the cash from Big Tech and then use it to buy arms that can destroy Amazon etc?

But are drug lords smart and informed enough to ask such questions? What if non-Western intelligence agencies have already given drug cartels all the info (and resources) they need to outsmart the Machiavellians in charge of Big Tech governments in America and Europe?

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