Debating and analyzing the culture and surveillance war is not advocating for it, and not a subtle threat either

There is not a state of peace in America and Europe when the only thing preventing cultural conservatives going to war against libertine woke surveillance CorpStates (corporate states or “free market” states) is the fact that we are outgunned and not organized.

The statement above is debatable. Is it a true statement? The answer depends on several factors. Firstly, what kind of war is it? A civil war? Probably not. At least not yet. It’s a war between elites, a bit like a medieval war between two aristocratic families, each governing a city and recruiting people to fight for them.

Scientists usually define “war” as one thousand individuals killed annually during politically violent confrontations in a country. If cultural conservatives today had been organized, with the firepower needed to fight the armed forces of undemocratic CorpStates, there would easily been over one thousand killed annually in the US. If you wonder why the conflict is that serious now, and what motivates it, read:

Cultural conservatives are overpowered and disorganized. That’s the only reason it’s still peace in the West today. But that can change, depending on how things develop in the future.

Foreign Affairs just published the article The Illiberal Tide where you should read the first paragraph:

“The “liberal international order” is under severe strain. Although its supporters welcomed the defeat of former U.S. President Donald Trump, the order still faces major challenges from both within and without. Populist politicians across the globe call for major changes in the norms and values of world politics. They attack liberal order as a so-called globalist project that serves the interests of sinister elites while trampling national sovereignty, traditional values, and local culture. Some with this view currently lead countries that belong to pillars of liberal order, such as NATO and the European Union. Others, including in the United States, are only an election away from taking the reins of foreign policy. Meanwhile, emboldened illiberal powers seek to make the world safe for authoritarianism, in the process undermining key elements of liberal order. China and Russia, in particular, have exercised diplomatic, economic, and even military power to put forward alternative visions.”

Cultural conservatives in America and Western Europe can get support from other conservatives all over the world who want to stop the libertine woke cultural imperialism of Big Tech coastal states (in the US).

The above is just a description of social facts. It’s not an incitement to violence, and it’s not a threat. Making threats in this situation is pointless and useless, and counterproductive. If you threaten a powerful opponent he or she will just double down and become more determined to fight back. Today’s ultra-“liberal” surveillance regimes in the West are delusionally convinced that they represent the moderate liberals who won WW1, WW2 and the Cold War, so these woke libertines are not going to roll over just because cultural conservatives threaten them.

Culturally conservative opponents of surveillance will only be taken seriously by the libertine woke elite if they go to war. There is probably no other way that cultural conservatism can survive if not stopping this ultra-liberal elite, through violence and/or sabotage. Because the tidal wave of the libertine fourth industrial revolution is otherwise so strong that it will dominate everyone within the next 5 to 20 years. You have to be realistic about this fact. As long as Big Tech decides to support woke libertinism it will never allow that moderate cultural conservatives or a Trump-supporting president control the AI surveillance state. Conservatives whining about this fact (on social media) are just pathetic, if not actually doing something in real life. Woke libertines are now laughing at us (all the way to the bank) while desperately hoping that we remain pacified like natives in India under the British Empire.

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