WarGames: the only winning move is not to play

Dear China, Russia and the American coastal states, you know you can’t win the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) arms race without most likely triggering WW3. Because the moment one of you get intel that one of the two other empires is about to achieve AI supremacy the best move is to blow up the whole 4IR, and then let humanity rebuild after the nuclear apocalypse. After all, if you store all your most valuable cultural heritage in underground bunkers it’s almost guaranteed that all three empires can rebuild after (a limited) WW3.

So, what are you doing?

Why this childish and freakish competition about who got the biggest economy? Is this some kind of fetish? Is it a hang-up, a fixation that can be cured? Yes, I’ve read how John Mearsheimer explains why military might relies on economic power, but this doesn’t apply if you build stationary cobalt bombs that will explode inside your own territories if attacked by superior AI, thereby triggering a nuclear winter killing humanity, which is MAD 2.0 deterrence.

But we need super-big economies to keep our own populations satisfied, you may say, but how can anyone benefit when everybody scrambles like madmen in order to grab what remains of natural resources?

Is it not better to restore the spartan or ascetic ideal which is part of all traditional religions and thereby let the authentic cultural conservatism of each independent nation reduce today’s materialistic hedonism?

On the other hand, if you all three have a military based on CASE – cobalt atomic scorched earth – maybe you can all three build as much AI you want, since CASE makes you safe against all AI attacks, presupposing that the AGI is not located on the Moon and not caring at all if all humans die in a cobalt apocalypse.

If Russia got cobalt bombs in the far east, how can China ever attack this part of Russia? Maybe CASE is a new MAD 2.0 that keeps everyone from drawing their superior AI weapons?

MAD 2.0 is pretty crazy. There is (probably) no rebuild after the nuclear winter created by over thousand 100 megaton cobalt bombs. Eh… fact check me on that, because I’ve not wasted my life on studying the intricacies of mutually assured destruction.

So, why not calm down and just drop 4IR? Russia got nothing to prove. China got nothing to prove. Both are cultural great powers, unlike American coastal states. Only superficial people are interested in what these coastal states can offer. The eastern and western coasts have never been peers on the same level as Russia or China and they never will be, since they only focus on tacky plastic/carbon fantastic and cheap thrills that just makes you an unwise entertainment junkie (I know this from personal experience).

Russia and China, the 4IR race is beneath you. A tzar or emperor doesn’t have a need to compete with a vulgar merchant no matter how rich the fool is.

China and Russia, if you have a need to impress people from Los Angeles and New York, and to interact with them, well, then you are not only trying to impress the wrong people you are also embarrassing yourself in the eyes of individuals who actually have wisdom and good taste.

As the Nietzsche scholar Brian Leiter once put it:

Seriously, though, does anyone with half a brain care what Bill Gates finds interesting?

Wolf warrior diplomacy reveals that you care too much about what pathetic Western elites think. Just ignore them.

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