Factually describing a state of war is not inciting violence

This article is a followup and clarification of an earlier article I wrote:

Why we are at war


Describing as a matter of fact that there is today a state of war between cultural conservatives and libertine woke surveillance CorpStates is as scientifically neutral as saying it was a state of war between Nazis and Communists in the 1930s. It’s just pointing out the fact that if today’s libertine woke system of Big Tech corporate surveillance had been introduced in Norway in the 1970s, moderate conservatives would have started a bloody civil war to stop it or bombed those corporations responsible for this development.

There is an inherent explosive contradiction between 1) culturally conservative constitutional democracies, and 2) libertine woke corporate states based on surveillance. Just like decentralized capitalism will always be incompatible with centralized communism. Nationalism is also incompatible with multiculturalism. The two can’t co-exist simultaneously as two ruling ideologies within a state.

Similarly, there is no rational or scientific argument that can bridge or moderate the fundamental difference between culturally conservative constitutionalists and libertine woke surveillance corporatists. Only power can determine which of these two groups will govern America and Europe.

Ultra-liberal Big Tech accepts that raw power is ultimately the factor deciding who wins the culture and surveillance war. This elite already has the firepower and manpower needed to go to war. Private military companies and the FBI/CIA stand by them, ready to fight if anybody seriously resists their libertine surveillance ideology. The only question is whether cultural conservatives are 1) willing to fight back in a war, or 2) simply give up and surrender because they feel overpowered by the firepower and surveillance infrastructure of Big Tech. Just like citizens in Eastern Europe surrendered to the raw might and psyop tactics of the communists.

Of course, war can be avoided if Western corporations and states drop surveillance and return to the moderate liberality of John Stuart Mill which has always been compatible with moderate cultural conservatism.

But don’t interpret the above as me supporting terrorism. One of the criteria of the Just War doctrine is to only fight if you have a reasonable chance of winning a war. If only a couple of anti-Big Tech terrorist attacks occur over a time period of five years, it might be very counterproductive, because the CorpState will use those attacks as an excuse for increasing surveillance. In fact, terrorist attacks, instead of a properly planned war (or a nonviolent sabotage campaign), might be false flag operations or unethical attacks instigated by agent provocateurs, in order to discredit the resistance:


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