Evaluating world leaders from a cultural conservative perspective

A cultural conservative is loyal to 1) his/her own orthodox religion, 2) non-woke family values, and 3) ethno-national culture. He or she is only loyal to a domestic leader if that politician defends 1) – 3). A cultural conservative supports or have sympathy with the leaders of other countries to the extent that they protect 1) – 3) and don’t interfere with the cultures of other states.

But experienced cultural conservatives have no illusions regarding the fact that almost all politicians are personally driven by ego, a need for power and fame and money, but we don’t care that much about these particular flaws as long as an opportunistic Machiavellian defends 1) – 3).

Cultural conservatism is therefore based on three simple principles. It’s not based on tribalism or a personality cult, though healthy and moderate loyalty to your own tribe is good and listening to those who have natural authority, because of their experience and wisdom, is important.

So, from the above it follows logically that even though I would not have voted for either Biden or Trump it’s clear that Trump is a better leader, from a culturally conservative perspective, than Biden.

Putin has many flaws too, but from a Christian perspective it’s better now to live in Russia than England for example, but not as good as living in a true Christian state in the heartland of America if this state bans the libertine content spewed out by coastal Big Tech and entertainment corporations.

Even Xi has redeeming qualities simply because he’s actually promoting China’s old culture, including Confucianism, and he’s against libertinism, not supportive of woke values in China. But after being occupied by British and American forces controlled by corporate merchant elites in the 19th century, China wants payback and now seeks to play the same global game as these elites. Xi therefore interferes in American affairs, and Putin does the same.

But since Putin is a Machiavellian defending Christianity I’m not opposed to Russian interference in libertine woke states as long as only the power of ultra-liberal coastal elites get weakened.

I’m a lot more uncertain about what Xi is planning. I suspect that CCP is involved in using corporations to spread libertine woke values in the West, in an attempt to divide America and split Europe. That is not okay!

However, if Xi decides to 1) support cultural conservatism in the West, and 2) not weaken the domestic strength of Western constitutional democracies, then my view of CCP will naturally be more positive. But if Xi bets on two horses at the same time, backing both libertines and conservatives, then I view CCP as being in the same category as the globalist Big Tech companies that have infected the West.

To show my consistency here: I supported Ben Shapiro until Daily Wire made the movie Run, Hide, Fight. Then I stopped my DW subscription.

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