Musk wants to create “psychopaths”, but much of it appears like hype, so far

When I warn against Big Tech transhumanist cyborgs the intent is to wake up people now while it’s still time to stop this anti-human development that will only come to its first very significant fruition in 5 – 10 years, which is not a long time if you hopelessly dream of mobilizing enough people to stop a global megatrend of new tech run by the most powerful elites on Earth.

Since the timeframe is 5 – 10 years it’s positive to hear that what Musk is presenting in public, during secretive Cold War 2, gives critics a reason to claim he is hyping Neuralink:

MIT Technology Review (Aug 30, 2020):

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is neuroscience theater

The above article starts with the sentence “Rock-climb without fear”, which means that one of the currently hyped goals of Neuralink is to take away people’s fear. That is problematic, because fearlessness is a quality that characterizes (high-functioning) psychopaths.

If you have no fear, you will not be afraid of robbing a bank and not be afraid of going to jail. With no fear it’s very difficult or impossible to have emotional empathy with other people who experience fear, because you get no adrenaline or cortisol spikes when seeing that they are in distress.

Being ice cold is actually good if you are a surgeon operating within ethical rules set by your employer, the hospital, but if your boss tells you to perform immoral human experiments, you will have no fear of ending up like Mengele.

Neuralink is hype now, as far as we know, but it’s only a question of time – maybe five to fifty years – when rich elites can fearlessly outcompete all human beings who cannot afford to buy (the latest version of) Neuralink. This will create a majority of “subhumans” ruled by cyborg overlords and their AI.

Of course, drone surveillance and IoT monitoring will be (almost) omnipresent long before transhuman cyborgs rise far above humans, but once this surveillance system is fully operational nobody can stop the development of a libertine woke transhumanist society. The MIT article says:

“Into such surgical headgear, Musk believes, billions of consumers will one day willingly place their heads, submitting as an automated saw carves out a circle of bone and a robot threads electronics into their brains.”

“The futuristic casing was created by the industrial design firm Woke Studio, in Vancouver.”

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