Navy reports about “UFO” drones: a psyop to unite (fringe) America against a foreign (Chinese) threat?

The New York Times:

Do We Believe in U.F.O.s? That’s the Wrong Question


INSANE New Report Says US Navy Was SWARMED By UFOs, GOP Senator Says Our Security Has Been BREACHED

Occam’s razor says that the least amount of assumptions in this case is to guess that the goals of these navy reports from liberal coastal states, combined with legitimate GOP China fears, is to:

1) create a purely fictional narrative to calm down fringe conservatives who are at war with ultra-liberal states by getting them to focus on a foreign (Chinese) threat instead,

2) create a new global “mystery religion” based on fake UFO reports, to replace traditional religions such as Christianity.

The two conclusions above are absurdly enough less bizarre than the alternatives:

3) real extraterrestrial UFOs exist.

4) China being willing to reveal it’s most top-secret weapons just to mess with America instead of using this new technology to simply conquer America and the rest of the world.

5) the US Navy staging a “UFO” drone theater event to mystify China and get Beijing to speculate about the potential new tech power of America, thereby motivating China to work even harder on its own drone technology or maybe start WW3 to wipe out this new American tech, since Mao allegedly once said that China had enough people to survive WW3.

I therefore guess that the “UFO” drone reports are a psyop experiment, similar to how Washington elites have in the past used massive propaganda campaigns to scare or manipulate ordinary Americans, prior to wars and after wars.

But no matter how you look at it, it’s no doubt that Big Tech has created a weird and dangerous situation, because if such reports had been made in the 1970s nobody would have thought it was new secret tech from China or America. Everybody would have concluded it was extraterrestrial.

Even worse: in five decades, or maybe a century, it will be possible for Big Tech to create robots or synthetic cyborg organisms looking like aliens exiting fake extraterrestrial spaceships in order to unify global humanity under an AI overlord disguised as a benevolent and half-divine ET.

The above will actually be technically possible when 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech becomes advanced enough. If you don’t believe it read the book “Life 3.0” by MIT physicist Max Tegmark.

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