Here’s why China may not attack Taiwan in the near future

The main battlefield today is the AI arms race of Cold War 2. Those who win this arms race will rule the world:

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

China wants chip factories in Taiwan, but it also wants to finish building the infrastructure of the Belt and Road Initiative which can’t be easily done during a major bloody war that will just be very bad PR for CCP.

CCP also wants to protect Shenzhen, the “Silicon Valley” of China, but Shenzhen is next to Hong Kong, within range of American warships.

So, if CCP attacks Taiwan it’s a risk that the war escalates to sinking an American aircraft carrier, and that – together with other things spinning out of control – may lead to (impulsive or unauthorized) attacks on Shenzhen, by the US or its allies, which can motivate China to fire hypersonic missiles at Big Tech cities on the West Coast of America. After that, we can probably say hello to WW3.

One can never predict the future, but I guess that CCP will leave Taiwan unattacked as long as Beijing is convinced it has a fighting chance of winning the AI arms race and a good chance of getting more power and resources through the Belt and Road Initiative.

But with no “Silicon Valleys” in China and America after a major intercontinental war, at least original humanity will not be conquered by AI robots in a “Skynet” network created by libertine woke Big Tech.

Humanity can always rebuild after a war. But humans can’t rebuild anything if we are enslaved by AI robots in a surveillance panopticon:

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