Christian States of the Second Amendment are the best countries today

I always try to consistently evaluate countries and ideologies from the viewpoint of my own principles or code of politics, described here:

Political realism vs the idealism of nationalists and the indy-right

Logically it follows from my own code and values that I support Christian Jeffersonian republics that respect the Second Amendment. For example, one of my principles is support of what I call 2A feminism. It means that I think all girls at an early age should learn how to defend themselves, with guns, in order to deter (domestic) violence against them. 2A feminism is in favor of strong and independent women who believe in God, country and non-woke family values. I therefore say: Lauren Boebert for president!

All in all, through history, I think Norway in the 1970s was the best Christian country, but today’s libertine woke corporate Norway is such a repulsive surveillance regime that the second best option is to live in a Christian nation like Russia despite hearing news that women’s rights have been weakened under Putin:

Russian MPs pass bill to soften domestic violence law

But violence against women is so widespread in Norway and Scandinavian countries that the drawbacks of Russia are a bit less significant in comparison to this:

Is the ‘Nordic Paradox’ an illusion? Measuring intimate partner violence against women in Europe

Today, I consider Christian 2A states in the heartland of America to be the best countries for both free men and free women, if every girl gets a gun, a Glock 26 for example, and proper training to use it tactically.

God created men and women, Samuel Colt made them equal.

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