US with 5800 atomic weapons not threatened by non-AI China

Just watched this interesting online video made by Tim Pool:

US Joins The EU Sanctioning China Over Uyghur Abuses INFURIATING The Chinese Communist Party And Xi

It appears that Tim is kind of saying that cultural conservatives in America (and the West in general) should give up the culture war in order to unify with ultra-liberals against China, because he claims China is the greatest threat. He also states correctly that China is exploiting the culture war in the West, in order to divide America, its main enemy.

I obviously agree that both China and Russia are exploiting the culture war in the West for all it’s worth. But this culture war is a real domestic fight between 1) moderate or radical cultural conservatives on the one hand, and 2) those corporatists and libertarians who left moderate liberality behind in favor of wokeness and/or libertinism.

If moderate liberality, in the tradition of John Stuart Mill, had continued to be the ruling ideology in the West, together with moderate conservatism, there would have been no culture war.

But when globalist Big Tech libertine woke corporations in the West are an existential threat to cultural conservatism it’s crystal clear that true Christians and true patriots or nationalists, in America/Europe, will never cooperate with libertine woke Big Tech in a war against an empire on the other side of the planet.

If China attacks the US it’s WW3, so China is never suicidal enough to do that. I’m no “dove” however in international politics. If China gets superior AI it’s necessary that the US either lets ultra-liberal Silicon Valley build better AI or the West has to build maybe two thousand stationary 100 megaton cobalt nukes, as a purely defensive scorched earth military system that will annihilate all humans, including everyone in China, if it detonates and creates a nuclear winter, as explained here:

Real patriots and nationalists in America and Europe must rebuild our factories and the traditional companies we had prior to the rise of Big Tech in the late 1990s. When we are self-reliant and when almost all citizens are employed again (working on building defensive infrastructure against hostile AI) then we can just ignore China. Let China have what’s left of the supply chains, let it have Taiwan. Sacrificing our own cultural conservative values – rightwing Christianity, traditional family values, and our ethnicity – just to fight together with ultra-liberals against China is never going to happen. Better then to live more spartan, as the original Americans did, in a free society, with privacy, and with our religious faith to feel meaning in our lives, as Christians have done the last millennia.

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