China’s Big Tech Crisis(?)

CCP struggles with its own Big Tech, worrying about globalist oligarchs betraying the government, but this conflict will also slow down China’s AI developments:

Alibaba Next in Line? Vice President of Tencent Arrested

To keep up with the AI arms race it will not surprise me that much if SF soldiers from China occupies chip factories in Taiwan. But what will the US do then? A US attack on CCP forces that close to mainland China will most likely lead to a tactical nuclear attack on American forces. Is protecting an island worth a potential global holocaust? I say no. Not because I support the commies. I’m just a political realist: if a nuclear power like China really wants to take over an island very close to its own border, it’s little that the US on the other side of the Pacific can do about it without risking WW3. What do you think?

I’m no expert on anything, and certainly not on CCP’s military capabilities, but this video seems and appears interesting:

China’s REAL military power (Part 1): “Giving Navy the Priority” is SUCCESS or FAILURE?

If China’s military is as weak as presented in the above video, China may decide to 1) not prevent non-nuclear authoritarian regimes from fighting dirty against ultra-liberal AI companies on the American coasts, and 2) rely on nukes as a deterrence against a US attack after a CCP blitzkrieg attack on Taiwan.

Taiwan’s military is very weak too, but that is maybe a good thing, because if Taiwan is getting closer to being able to block China’s access to the Pacific, Beijing might attack Taiwan to secure open waters for its navy. For more on this see:

Taiwan’s Soldiers Are Unprepared for a Chinese Attack

I don’t agree with the title of the next video but the arguments in it are very important in an open and balanced debate:

Why The Fall of Taiwan Would Destroy the US

The whole video is here:

Taiwan Is the Key to Asia, and China Wants It Now

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