3 reasons why I support a war on China

To see my full view on the conflict between China and the West, read the articles in this archive here:


1) if the US is going to risk WW3 in a war against China it should mainly be to liberate the Uighurs from KZ camps in Xinjiang. But that has not happened, it has not even been a discussion topic.

2) if the US is going to risk WW3 in a war against China it should secondarily be to liberate the Tibetans. But that has not happened, and it’s not going to happen.

3) if the US is going to risk WW3 in a war against China it should be to defend the democracy in Taiwan because I view libertine woke transhumanist Big Tech on the West Coast of America as the main threat against original humanity, so a war over Taiwan will lead to attacks on these coastal states, destroying the Big Tech headquarters responsible for much of the surveillance in the West.

A war over Taiwan is realistic, because Taiwan, unlike Xinjiang and Tibet, is of strategic and commercial interest to the dynastic elites in Washington DC and Silicon Valley. We are already seeing a Domino Theory 2.0 in how these elites, even a freethinker like Tim Pool, are trying to justify and mobilize Western people to fight yet another globalist war, now over chip factories in Taiwan which are vital for the development of AI and because the island is relatively strategically important, in order to prevent that China has very quick access to the Pacific. But this quick access doesn’t significantly increase the threat to the American mainland since it’s approximately 10 800 km between Taiwan and California. In comparison the distance between Berlin and Beijing is ca 7350 km.

Of course, I’m a moderate nationalist, so I’m from that perspective against the US interfering in the civil war between mainland Han Chinese and the population in Taiwan that consists of 95% Han Chinese.

But I’m a nobody in the great game of power politics, so my idealistic nationalism matters nothing compared to this from CNN:

Chinese threat to Taiwan ‘closer to us than most think,’ top US admiral says

Ok, so if American elites really want to go to war over Taiwan, the silver lining is that China will then try to destroy the surveillance-propaganda complex of libertine woke Big Tech in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Seattle/Bellevue.

From this last perspective, the dark primitive cynic in me says: go for it! Let those hypersonic rockets fly. When the dust settles, heartland America can take back California.

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