AI-enhanced EMP weapons

James Woolsey, who was CIA director under Clinton, claims a deep state cabal is preventing America from getting proper defense against EMP weapons, in the article “Prepare for the Worst” (2019):

” … EMP is one of a very small number of existential threats that demands immediate high-priority attention from the U.S. Government …” (…)

“However, the President’s executive order to protect the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures is in danger of being undermined by a small number of highly influential non-expert career bureaucrats in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Energy.  This cabal of about five members of the permanent federal bureaucracy were obstacles to national EMP preparedness during the Obama Administration— and today are entrusted by DHS and DOE with implementing President Trump’s EMP Executive Order.”

I don’t know which advisers are correct when assessing the threat of EMP weapons, but when so much confusion and bureaucratic deep state infighting characterizes relatively simple EMP weapons one can easily imagine the chaos when uninformed politicians, (politically naive) scientists and Machiavellian top-bureaucrats start fighting over how to create and control military systems based on AI designed by opaque Big Tech oligarchs.

EMP weapons, or similar new lethal devices, enhanced by AI will become a bloody mess. If Western states continue to computerize the military and let our societies be reliant on the electronic infrastructure of IoT, how will America and Europe survive if China has superior AI EMP weapons in a war?

The above question is why I recommend reading:

Conservatives must restructure the US military or let Big Tech create an AI defense system against China

But not to be accused of scaremongering I also recommend reading:

Bumpy AI War

When reading the last article keep in mind that China’s policy has for decades been to “hide and bide”, to trick the West into underestimating China. In Cold War 2, new AI tech developments will be as secret as the Manhattan Project, so it’s impossible (for civilians) to really know who leads the AI race. This uncertainty can trigger preemptive attacks. That’s the danger of having a military based on AI.

It’s safer to build a simpler non-AI military defense system supported by advanced mechanics but very little high-tech electronics, as described in the two links above.

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