Internet not great for mobilizing smart resistance

Social media and the dark web can be used to mobilize rallies, street protests and riots. It can also be used to recruit and incite terrorists = the dumb, dumber and dumbest of militant activists, depending on how fast they get arrested or killed.

But mobilizing relatively smart resistance appears to be difficult if you want to do that via services such as Minds, Gab and Parler, for example, partly because it’s so easy for intelligence services to disrupt it:

1) prevent that a militant activist gets a degree or high-profile job.

2) never let corporate media publish articles about militant activism if they are written by real dissidents.

3) average users of social media will then have no way of knowing who a militant activist really is, unless he or she becomes visibly a solo outlaw, but then he or she will get arrested in the West or assassinated outside the West. Game over.

4) undercover operators can reveal true or false “kompromat” on a militant activist to the leaders of dissident social media, getting him or her shadow banned.

5) by hacking the computers and smartphone of a militant activist, NSA can prevent that he or she gets important notifications when participating on social media platforms, or NSA can hijack his or her social media account to only publish one single awful post that ruins his/her reputation, without him/her knowing about it.

Not saying that the above has happened to me. It’s true that about four weeks ago the feedback I got here on Gab suddenly dropped over night, and that I also observe glitches and anomalies in how Gab works, but I attribute that to 1) Gab being generally hacked by anti-conservatives, 2) me presenting some true facts, occasionally in a blunt manner, that are very grim and pretty scary even for most Gab users, and 3) I write so much that some may wonder if it’s a psyop involving several unknown persons, when it’s just me, an hyperactive intellectual, having little to do in these diseased times with few entertainment options for genuine cultural conservatives.

But after three months using Minds, Gab and Parler, starting after the Capitol riot on Jan 06, 2021, it’s my temporary conclusion that intelligence agencies and the corporate press exaggerate the danger of “dissident” social media.

The ultra-liberal Establishment should worry about serious actors in the international game of small and great powers. 99.99 % of cultural conservatives in the West appear not to be in that category anymore. From what I can see on the screen of my hacked devices. I wonder how many intelligence agencies have hacked me by now. Good for them. Maybe hacking my open devices are training exercises for rookie NSA workers sitting in their little cubicles in windowless rooms.

But they are good. Knowledge and experience accumulated by many generations of Machiavellians is almost the same as them today having millennia of training in the field of Byzantine manipulation. It’s difficult to beat that, but in lack of better entertainment I like playing 3D chess with them, despite losing again and again. Not giving up is the least boring option today.

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