Identifying the actors in shadowy Cold War 2

A corporatist named Patrick Bet-David says that we are in a shadow war, a conflict where you can’t identify who attacked you, like a crime scene without any traces, no fingerprints:

The Hidden World War Going On

But it’s only partly true that you can’t identify who is attacking who in Cold War 2. There are five actors in the new Cold War.

1) globalist Big Tech libertine woke transhumanists.

2) real cultural conservatives and true nationalists.

3) authoritarian regimes: China, Russia, Iran etc.

4) all types of organized crime fearing Big Tech surveillance.

5) all types of terrorists fearing Big Tech surveillance.

Cold War 2 consists of 1) being attacked by 2) – 5).

Patrick Bet-David is part of 1). Because he is a youtuber, a guy from nowhere, meaning that he has no real cultural roots in America, as he (unwittingly) reveals here:

Where To Move If America Fails

A real patriot or nationalist doesn’t move when his or her country fails. And, by the way, America is not failing. It is libertine woke Big Tech states that are failing. They have so many enemies, both foreign and domestic, that they can’t know who is attacking them in Byzantine, proxy shadow wars.

Average citizens and rich business owners in the patriotic heartland of America have nothing or little to fear from all the other actors fighting ultra-liberal Big Tech on the American coasts. Real America, the heartland of America, is just “fly over states” for all the actors described in 3) – 5) above. They don’t care about farmers and honest factory workers and business owners in the conservative states between the coasts.

But the corrupt elites in the coastal states are waking up to the reality that they have too many enemies, so they will try to present a narrative that “America is under attack”, in an attempt to unify the country against a foreign enemy. But the states in America are as divided as European states or as the American states during the civil war (1861-1865). Countries like Norway, Germany and England are split too, so America is not alone in this regard. But in a civil war remember that anti-Christian Big Tech states are right next to conservative states while China and Iran are on the other side of the planet, with the Pacific as a stopping power. Attacking the US from the sea is extremely difficult (if you don’t have millions of AI robots).

The meeting between Washington DC and Beijing in Alaska was like a sit down between two mafia families. It was not a meeting between China and America. Instead it was a dynastic quarrel between two rival elites of imperialists.

The US should close the border to Mexico, but if “Democrats” deliberately leave it open, that side of me which is primitive will not feel sorry for them if proxies controlled by Iran or China attack Big Tech cities in libertine woke states.

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