Non-AI network of defensive cobalt nukes

Here is what an AI-based military defense system must try to stop if superior AI forces attack the West:

The AI-based military defense system proposed by Big Tech will most likely trigger WW3 sooner or later:

The AI-based military defense system of Big Tech will create a panopticon of surveillance in the West, an open world prison:

Here is the alternative to AI defense systems:

Firstly, build fences, walls and mine fields to close all Western borders. No immigrants and no foreigners allowed, to avoid spies and terrorists operating AI drones.

Secondly, create thousands of stationary non-missile cobalt nuclear bombs and hide them in all Western states (plus South Africa and Argentina). If any AI killer robot crosses our borders, that’s a red line, that detonates the stationary cobalt bombs inside the West, making Europe, America and Australia uninhabitable, spreading radioactive material over Russia and China, and creating a nuclear winter that annihilates humanity. This is MAD 2.0. It’s Cobalt Atomic Scorched Earth (CASE).

Thirdly, to prevent that China or Russia sends recon drones, no larger than 1-3 mm, to spy on the West, it’s necessary to build a fifty meter high wall around each town and city, with a dome of bendable glass on top of it. Farmers can still live outside these domes and cultivate the land because it’s pointless to spy on peasants.

For all the details, and first iterations of a non-AI defense system, read the other articles in this archive here:

Non-digital network of atomic weapons

You can accidentally drop an atomic bomb from an airplane and the impact itself, when the nuclear device hits the ground, will not detonate it. The New York Times:

Accidental A-Bomb Blast: Risk Termed Small

A purely stationary cobalt nuke will not need fuel like a nuclear missile. It can be designed to only detonate if five officers use their keys to open five boxes, each ten meters apart, where there is a mechanical lever inside that must all be pulled simultaneously to detonate a 100 megaton stationary cobalt bomb right above them. The officers should be sixty years old and have no children to secure that they pull the levers if China or Russia launches an AI attack on the West. Such an attack will destroy the West anyway, enslaving all humans in a machine hell of AI robots, so it’s better to be dead than going through that. With one hundred megatons, everybody in the city will die instantly, no pain.

Here’s the blast radius of a 100 megaton nuclear explosion:

The Terrifying True Scale of Nuclear Weapons

Since cobalt nukes are basically inert if not specially designed levers trigger them it will be safe to store one stationary 100 megaton device in the center of each major Western city that has a glass dome over it, as explained above. If each state has twenty 100 megaton cobalt bombs, it will make the West totally uninhabitable if they detonate. The ash from the cities will create a nuclear winter that kills humanity. If the eastern part of the European Union has one thousand stationary 100 megaton cobalt bombs, it will destroy Moscow too. For a map of the fallout after a 100 megaton non-cobalt explosion, at the surface, not an air burst, choose Krakow as ground zero:

A thousand stationary atomic bombs are less than the number of nuclear missiles we have today. Federation of American Scientists:

Status of World Nuclear Forces

“The number of nuclear weapons in the world has declined significantly since the Cold War: down from a peak of approximately 70,300 in 1986 to an estimated 13,410 in early-2020. Government officials often portray that accomplishment as a result of current or recent arms control agreements, but the overwhelming portion of the reduction happened in the 1990s. Some also compare today’s numbers with that of the 1950s, but that is like comparing apples and oranges; today’s forces are vastly more capable.”

Between each domed city with a cobalt bomb there should be a highway for electric cars, with a glass structure covering it all the way, so that hostile insect drones can’t enter the vehicles. Inside this glass structure there should be four (spider silk) wires, each with a diameter of 25 cm, connected to all the cobalt nukes, so that if one city is attacked by a hostile power, it will detonate the first 100 megaton device that cuts all four wires in a blink, thereby immediately triggering all other networked cobalt bombs on the continent. All four wires must be cut at the same time to send the right signal which triggers the other bombs, which can be done if the wires are all bound together next to the nuclear devices but split apart, by many meters, on the highways.

Traffic police and soldiers can drive the highways to secure that nobody is interfering with the cables that might be inside a thin metal pipe with high voltage electricity.

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