Intranet, entertainment and LAN parties in cobalt glass dome cities

To understand the context of this article first read:

If you think the text below is something you can’t take seriously, it only proves that you are uneducated.

It will be relatively easy for a superior AI to infiltrate any online Intranet covering all apartments and offices inside a cobalt dome city. There are enough dark triad individuals (narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellians) within any city who will be tempted by a superior AI offering incredible wealth and power to anybody who smuggles a malignant code into a cobalt dome city where it can infect the Intranet and start manipulating people and organize secret pro-AI groups that will undermine the West from within.

LAN parties in a shared community room within each apartment complex can work however, as long as 1) only high-ranking police officers have the keys to open up an USB port through which games can be installed, 2) the LAN network in each apartment complex is not connected to any other networks, and 3) the computers have no kind of wifi hardware.

Cobalt dome cities should have the best non-digital amusement parks, large swimming pools with waves, and maybe even indoors ski slopes partly underground, to keep people entertained. But all radio and television have to be non-digital, transmitted through analog cables within cities that are connected through glass-domed highways where highly guarded broadcasting cables can secure communication, but this means that Europe and America can’t share movies, games and tv series.

All entertainment should not contain any type of political message, but only be pure entertainment. All citizens should be told from an early age that if they notice political messages in movies and tv series it means that hostile AI has breached the analog network.

No cell phones. Only analog landlines.

If you think the above sucks, everybody will agree. However, blame Big Tech on the American coasts. They are the ones who knew about Skynet in the 1980s and still decided to combine AI and Internet, thereby creating IoT = the first iteration of “Skynet” that has now led to Cold War 2. If you think that the AI military defense system offered by Big Tech is better, read this first:

If you reject the idea of cobalt dome cities, then reluctantly accept that ultra-liberal Big Tech will have to build an AI defense system instead, a Great Reset that will soon put conservatism on the scrapheap of history, when transhumanism takes over and controls us all. Or else there will be no defense against superior AI attacking from China. Pick your poison. It’s your decision, in a still “free” country.

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