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AndreasWinsnes, aka independent nobody, from Norway, is writing all articles here as an independent and unaffiliated private citizen, well as “private” as you can be in this age of mass surveillance. I’m not an expert on anything, and not an authority on anything, so forget about me and just focus on facts, logic and values.

Alas, this is the Internet, a place for high-flying gossip and speculative rumors, so many apes in cyberspace cannot but deterministically (?) complain about my personality if strongly disliking some of the ideological and religious viewpoints I present ad hoc and ex cathedra. Machiavellians often try to discredit a good cause by discrediting the individuals presenting arguments in favor of it. This happened to Snowden, for example. It makes it necessary to clarify a few things on a personal level, despite it being factually irrelevant.

To later avoid spending time on iApologetics when some pundits start conjecturing about my inner workings, let me do some mansplaining now:

Me outcast. Many conservative traditions (reluctantly) accept that some very independent individuals do their own things. Once upon a time the West had jesters. Stańczyk.

I support hyper-individuality, which is not the ideology of individualism, because I don’t care wether other people like hyper-individuality or not. This attitude is very different from persons who desire to convert all around them into becoming “individualists”, a new ideological group marching under the banner of this oxymoronic ism.

A leopard, a truly independent being, has no need to convince a pack of lions or herd animals that its lifestyle is best. Humans are different. We can’t survive on a material level without help from others, so while I prefer emotional independence I respect those who don’t copy how I live. Society will fall apart if everybody lives like I do. Fortunately, you have to go trough fire to be a hyper-individualist, which means that a healthy society will never be too burned by genuine outcasts, since few go trough fire. I recognize my own material dependence and that’s one reason why I support moderate cultural conservatism.

For example, I support traditional Christianity not because I belong to any group or tribe but only because I like it personally. If I one day decide to support another religion or ideology I”ll change to that instead, without caring about what other people think. Not that I change my convictions often, because I only commit after very careful reflection.

Got narcolepsy. I used computer games to take focus away from the discomfort of narcolepsy. It worked. If you think otherwise read this article from BBC. Unfortunately, the developers of my favorite game started including vulgar content, extreme violence, woke propaganda and what I call “brand reminders”, a type of product placements, by tempting one to go outside the game to get in-game items by visiting an online service owned by an unethical libertine corporation involved in surveillance capitalism. All this made the game tacky, empty and meaningless. Therefore left it and got bored. Boredom can be transcended if you meditate or pray, but that’s not possible (for a long period of time) if you have narcolepsy. Since my favorite game had been too politicized I returned to the “Great Game” of international politics. This “game” in real life is so extreme and surreal today, because of Cold War 2 and 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution) that it now provides enough adrenaline to take the focus of my nerdy brain away from the pain of narcolepsy.

The last paragraph above explains the psychological and personal reason why I have created But there are also ideological and religious reasons too, of course.

I’m a hypocrite, 70% political realist and 30% idealist, after the neolib/neocon failures in states like Iraq and Libya.

Therefore support moderate conservatism and moderate/classic liberality, in the tradition of Locke/Mill and Edmund Burke, the two main pillars in constitutional democracies like Norway in the 1970s.

Don’t seek power. Been there, tried it. Empty. Don’t want media attention. Been there, done that. Just air. My only regret is that I stopped dancing tango in order to focus on a still unassessed Dr Philos thesis (about taking money from billionaires and giving it to the poor in developing countries). Didn’t have the energy to do both, but my advice to young militant activists: if you want to impress a woman, learn to dance, don’t get involved in militant activism.

To see my view on different controversial topics in politics you can read the following.

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