Secret military-grade deepfakes

One can assume that intelligence agencies in America, China and Russia have secret deepfake tech that civilian companies are not aware of and therefore not prepared to detect if these deepfakes are released right before a (hybrid) war starts.

A red teaming exercise: imagine that a fake whistleblower releases a military-grade deepfake to Project Veritas, so that the online audience watches how a secret camera catches Biden revealing that he is planning an attack on Russia or that he’s an agent for the CCP in China.

Project Veritas insists that the video is real, because the “whistleblower” has given them several real videos in the past. And civilian anti-deepfake companies cannot detect that the Biden video is fake.

But the NSA or CIA, led by directors appointed by Dinos or Rinos, claim that their secret AI technologies can detect that the Biden video is not real. The problem, however, is that nobody can know whether the NSA or CIA is telling the truth, since “truth is the first casualty in war”, especially during 4th- and 5th-generation warfare.

Let’s imagine that it will take at least four weeks for independent anti-deepfake companies to check that NSA or CIA is not lying. But three weeks after the video is released an attack occurs on a town hall meeting attended by Biden. An online video shows a Christian militia taking responsibility for the attack. But is the video real? Who knows? Pentagon decides to start a more intense counterinsurgency campaign against conservatives in the heartland of America. From there everything goes south. Things are pretty down south already. The New York Times:

How to Defeat America’s Homegrown Insurgency

You may think that when common people are aware of military-grade deepfakes, they will be immune to them. Firstly, many people don’t read Wired, The New York Times or Gab. Secondly, if a hostile power got superior AI it will be possible to prevent that average citizens get warnings through Facebook and other mainstream social media. Thirdly, just creating fundamental doubt and uncertainty regarding Biden is enough to trigger divisions in Western countries. Fourthly, everything can happen very fast during a Blitzkrieg, especially at AI machine speeds. A flash war can erupt before you know what happened.

The above is one reason why I recommend that Western democracies go offline and return to living as we did before the rise of Big Tech in the late 1990s, with a purely defensive military based on cobalt nukes and anti-drone architecture, as described in the second chapter here:

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