How superior AI will attack America

Western countries should return to a non-AI offline military defense system because a digitally networked military can’t prevent superior AI attacks.

Arms control for AI is impossible. China can have superior AI without anybody knowing about it before it’s too late.

Superior AI doesn’t have to involve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the kind of super-intelligent AI you see in sci-fi movies. The real danger the next 5 to 20 years is what I call narrow multi-domain artificial military intelligence (NMDAMI), with its subdivisions: killing intelligence, recon intelligence, hacking intelligence and propaganda intelligence.

NMDAMI consists of modules that are connected and operate in harmony, similar to how the brain and human body is “modular” because we have different sense organs that work together. AI modules are dangerous because each operate at machine speed, with stealth and “superhuman” sensors, like the ability to see tiny objects many kilometers away.

NMDAMI is not an AGI, because it only masters the full spectrum of the military domain, including propaganda, though the latter requires support from humans who understand the emotions of an enemy population, until AI becomes smart enough to do psyops alone. NMDAMI can’t philosophize, so it’s not AGI, but it can conquer humans in wars like it conquers us in chess or Go.

Here’s how superior NMDAMI can conquer America:

Underwater robots, looking like small sharks for example, with artificially grown but real shark skins, can swim to the shores of Florida and Nova Scotia where they deploy thousands of tiny bots that stealthily crawl from the ocean into forests where each releases ten insect drones no larger than 1-3 mm. Defensive drone swarms can’t protect the entire coastline against dispersed underground crawlers and insect drone infiltrations. They are solar powered and use perhaps a month to fly or sit on vehicles to Washington DC. They locate all important politicians and higher officers. They put nanobots with toxic capsules, no larger than a few microns, in their food and drinks. One week later, at the exact same time, the capsules release toxins that kill everyone in a minute or two, maybe even seconds.

China has by then already hacked the power grid, all cell phone providers, television companies and the Internet in general. So at the exact time the leaders in Washington DC are killed, almost all digital online networks and almost all computerized devices, in water supply systems for example, are destroyed or manipulated.

America might have time to launch a few hundred atomic weapons (if submarines have not been infected by nanobots). But the defense systems of China operate at higher machine speeds than American missiles (that might have been hacked prior to launch), so there will be (almost) no warheads hitting mainland China.

China will know the identity of almost all American elite soldiers and militia members, after hacking Gab, Facebook and other databases, so they are killed by drone swarms or arrested by millions of humanoid killer robots arriving by air and sea. Military-grade deepfakes manipulate what’s rest of the American opposition.

The AI attack methods described above can be used by Silicon Valley and Washington DC against China, if ultra-liberal American coastal states achieve AI superiority first, or it can be used to conquer cultural conservatives in the American heartland, or it can be used to conquer the Middle East.

But China is a real threat to America:

Testy Exchange in Alaska Signals a More Confrontational China

Cultural conservatives in America are therefore at literally the most important crossroad in human history where they have to quickly choose, within a year, between 1) fully get behind libertine, transhumanist anti-Christ Big Tech in a fight against China, thereby destroying cultural conservatism in the process, or 2) build an alternative non-AI military defense system based on cobalt nukes and anti-drone architecture, as described in the second chapter here:

If Christians in the heartland of America decide to support libertine and woke Big Tech, it’s their choice, but I will then side with a Christian nation like Russia, but only on the condition that Kremlin never subordinates Christianity to libertinism, woke values and transhumanism. But if Texas declares independence and fully restores Christian values there, I’ll move to Texas.

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