An enemy of an enemy is a temporary “friend”

Churchill was willing to cooperate with Stalin to defeat Hitler, even if Communists had killed more civilians than the Nazis, but right after victory in 1945, Churchill wanted to attack the Soviet Union, in Operation Unthinkable.

Ultra-liberal Big Tech is the common enemy of all cultural conservatives across the planet. The AI of woke and libertine Big Tech will rule the world:

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

A basic principle in international politics is that if one actor, corporation or state gets too much power, the other weaker competitors will cooperate to stop an enemy that threatens them all. This is balance of power.

For example, if an orthodox Jew and traditional Iranian is having a knife fight in the wilderness and a lion suddenly attacks them, they will temporarily stop fighting each other and instead focus on killing the lion. When the lion is dead, they will go back to the knife fight.

Ultra-liberal Big Tech is an existential threat to all cultural conservatives, worldwide. Not saying that Jews and Iranians, for example, should cooperate in joint operations against libertine Big Tech. Simply stating as a matter of fact that the only smart move is to declare a temporary truce so that each party can plan their own independent operations, without having any contact with each other, so that both can focus on defeating the libertine and woke AI machines that will otherwise destroy them both.

If anybody disagrees with the above strategy they are 1) unaware of how AI bots and IoT (“Skynet”) will annihilate cultural conservatism, 2) they are blinded by nearsighted ideology and religion or petty subcultural conflicts, 3) they are egotistical leaders who myopically care more about their own hierarchical positions of power, or 4) they are undercover agents using the strategy of “divide and conquer” to split the resistance.

The American military was willing to cooperate with the mafia when retaking Sicily and Italy during WW2. The same cold pragmatism is now necessary to defeat Big Tech.

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