Ultra-liberal Big Tech will win AI arms race, but WW3 will start first

The most dangerous and true statement:

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

The most dangerous report:

Final Report from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence in the US.

If you keep in mind Putin’s statement above while reading the introductions to the NSCAI report, you will understand why the policies described in the report will lead to WW3, sooner or later, because 1) the ultra-liberal Big Tech military complex will win the AI arms race if these policies are implemented, 2) liberals have a history of attacking authoritarian or conservative states, cf Empire by Niall Ferguson and The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, so China and Russia must go to war before ultra-liberal American coastal states achieve AI supremacy.

Liberal America won WW1 and WW2. Reagan won the first Cold War. The West will mobilize everything to win Cold War 2. And they will use immigrant AI experts from all over the world to finally realize liberal supremacy, ruling the Indo-Pacific waves, ruling Asia once again.

WW3 may start as violent proxy attacks or SF operations inside the West and inside China/Russia before it eventually triggers a nuclear response.

In principle, domestic cultural conservatives in the West are already at war with ultra-liberal Big Tech states. Real war. Because of the NSCAI report. Fighting just hasn’t started yet. But given the defeatist mindset of cultural conservatives I assume it’s less than a 30% chance that domestic rightwing militias will start a guerrilla war or a proxy war in ultra-liberal coastal cities. I’m not betting on it, and not counting on it. To such a degree that I’m actually not writing articles here on drone-surveillance.info in order to present facts about AI that might convince cultural conservatives of the necessity to nonviolently sabotage Big Tech. I’ve given up on that. As predicted before I started this website. Now and then I’m just writing because … well, I like writing. I’m a nerd, a scholar. Sue me.

Observing Cold War 2 (the three-empire problem) is darkly entertaining though. Can write about that like a zoologist writing a monograph about her favorite predatory species. Red teaming this problem and speculatively forecasting what happens next is a good way for an old dog to spend his days in a reclining armchair.

Being a hobby strategist and mediocre red teamer I speculate that the US may perhaps quietly extract highly talented chip engineers from Taiwan and South Korea. Being an untalented forecaster I wildly guess that China may send in SF soldiers to give the same chip engineers better working conditions in mainland China.

After the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists I conjecture and daresay that there is now open season on the most talented AI scientists in the West.

But I have studied the works by Philip Tetlock, so I will never call myself an expert who can predict the future. Maybe an asteroid hits Earth, in the next 60 minutes, ruining my creature comforts.

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