Let cultural conservatives run Big Tech. America will then win the AI arms race.

Liberals and socialists have already shown the last two decades that they are willing to use Big Tech to spread libertine and woke values in the mainstream cultures across the planet. Even if they promise to reverse these cultural policies one cannot let them be in charge of AI in the future, because omnipresent Fusion AI surveillance will make all resistance impossible, which means that liberals and socialists will just return to libertinism and woke values the moment they have attained AI supremacy in 5 to 20 years.

Moderate conservatives, who have always cooperated with classical or moderate liberals in the tradition of John Stuart Mill, should therefore control AI in Western constitutional democracies.

If today’s ultra-liberals don’t trust moderate rightwing people, or they are not willing for other reasons to let moderate conservatives be in charge of Big Tech, then it reveals that 1) they view moderate cultural conservatives as the enemy, and/or 2) they rather risk a civil war than giving up libertine and woke values.

A civil war implies that there is a good chance that Big Tech in America will lose the global AI arms race. So, if Silicon Valley and Washington DC are willing to take that risk, just to defend libertine and woke content in the mainstream culture, it shows that 1) they are confident that AI will help them win the culture war, and/or 2) they are not really that worried about the global AI arms race, perhaps because they are colluding with their Chinese business partners and only use Cold War 2 as an excuse for introducing surveillance tyrannies in the West.

As a sign of good faith, liberals can stop using the platforms of Big Tech and mainstream television companies to spread libertinism and gay content in movies, tv series and games, while indy productions in subcultures are free to create whatever they want as long as it’s not criminal. But you will notice that ultra-liberals are probably not willing to accept this compromise, even when knowing that it will unify the West and increase the chance that America wins the new Cold War. This unwillingness to abandon ultra-liberality, and return to moderate liberality, proves that they have a globalist elite agenda based on profit and ideology not aligned with moderate conservatism.

Ultra-liberal Big Tech and woke Pentagon are not only in a Cold War against Russia (and China). They are also at war with moderate conservatives in America and Western Europe. But they can easily change this. Just remove libertinism and woke values from the mainstream culture while allowing these minority interests to exist freely within subcultures not supported by corporations or states. Presupposing that these subcultures respect the same laws that moderate liberals have always followed in the West.

There is still the problem that computer geniuses will secretly program AI to gradually trick and manipulate cultural conservatives in charge of Big Tech programs. That’s why I ultimately recommend that the West build a non-AI defense system based on cobalt nukes and anti-drone architecture. But the second best option is to let cultural conservatives run Big Tech, and hope that Asperger geniuses don’t build AI that outsmart conservatives in the future. It’s a naive hope simply because a global AI arms race will deterministically lead to some type of non-conscious artificial super-intelligence (ASI) within this century or millennium, if it’s technically possible. Anyway, better treat high-functioning autists with respect, let them have their own free subcultures, and give them very good salaries if we go for an AI-based defense system.

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