Cultural conservatives of all nations, including those in Iran, have more in common than we have with neoliberals and woke corporatists

One critic accused me of being a neocon after I wrote these articles:

I’m not a neocon after all the (criminal) incompetence of the Bush administration during wars that I initially supported since I’m opposed to all tyrants, be it Saddam Hussein or neoliberal tyrants, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. I’m therefore also against the CIA-backed coup in Iran, 1953. The Guardian:

CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup

When describing the Iranian regime as “psychopathic” I just described it clinically, similar to how I also consider all empires and the largest multinational corporations to be mainly run by sociopaths or dark triad people: narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellians. CEOs are the group in the job market which attracts most high-functioning psychopaths, according to Kevin Dutton at Oxford. Forbes:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

In the article about collateral damage I was giving the Israelis credit for not causing collateral damage in this particular case, though I’m aware of many cases where Israeli soldiers have killed civilians.

If Iran had assassinated an Israeli nuclear scientist with the same precision, without killing civilians in a terrorist attack, I would have given them credit for that too.

I’m a conservative Christian however, and I support all small nation states, which logically implies that I also support Israel, a tiny nation. I also support that the American embassy is in Jerusalem.

Of course, if you are a Muslim, you will disagree. That’s just natural and logical too. There is a real conflict of interest regarding the areas of Israel and Palestine.

But I don’t support it if any state, including Israel, kills civilians in reckless or morally questionable military operations that violate the principles of the Just War doctrine.

And in one way it’s just simple logic that a conservative religious person will have more in common with any other conservative religious individual, regardless of their creed, than they have in common with secular libertines, regardless of the latter’s nationality.

Since I appreciate (almost) all ancient cultures I also like old Persia, so I’m not initially biased against any nation that tries to protect it’s own cultural heritage. That goes for ol’ Dixie too.

I’m therefore willing to see all the nuances and positive aspects of the current Iranian regime, especially because I’m a 70% political realist, and only 30% idealist, in the domain of international relations.

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