Robots in Russia

I openly support the Christian nation of Russia, so many Westerners today will prejudicially assume that I’m biased against America, or maybe even “colluding with Russia” against Big Tech in Silicon Valley, but I follow principles (of my Christian faith), so when I see the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech produced by Russia I’m equally critical of that:

Russian factory making life like faces for robots

There are two reasons however why I don’t give Russia as much flak as ultra-liberal coastal cities in America.

Firstly, it’s just hopelessly impossible to change the 4IR policies of an authoritarian empire during Cold War 2.

Secondly, as long as Russia defends Christianity it’s natural that I emotionally will feel more at home in an Orthodox Christian surveillance regime than in a Western libertine surveillance regime. Similar to how a libertine will naturally prefer to live in an ultra-liberal surveillance state in the West, and not in Russia.

But the transhumanist projects in Russia are of course a threat to Christianity too. All in all, scary times.

The UK is now building more nukes and building more AI, under the banner of “Global Britain”, sending warships to the Indo-Pacific. CNN:

UK labels Russia top security threat, issues warning on China, and promises to build more nuclear warheads

I support the expansion of a purely defensive cobalt nuclear system in the West, but the UK solution of combining more nukes with more AI is the worst possible solution, a major escalation in Cold War 2.

And I say this even when viewing the United Kingdom as part of my own Northern European cultural heritage, especially York (Jorvik). But Rus Kiev is part of that heritage too. So I view the conflict between East and West Europe as a big unnecessary mistake, driven by greedy, Machiavellian and primitive elites, unfortunately.

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