Naive and dangerous AI designers

I watched the video below in hope of finding good arguments in favor of secure and safe AI developments:

Decentralized AI | Ben Goertzel | TEDxBerkeley

It was very disappointing. Ben Goertzel was just beating around the bush, not providing any solution to the five main problems:

1) how the security dilemma in international politics affects AI in a negative manner, weaponizing it, 2) how religious conservatives will naturally view AI as a diabolic invention, especially when the AI is spreading woke spirituality, 3) how drug cartels and terrorists will rightly perceive AI as an existential threat, motivating them to kill tech geniuses like Ben Goertzel, 4) how decentralized AI is a threat to all authoritarian regimes, giving them a reason to fight it, and 5) how dark triad people – narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellians – are apex predators who seek power and fame, which means that they will not allow decentralized AI to dethrone them.

Ben Goertzel is at best a political fool, a useful idiot and pawn for research institutions controlled or influenced by Big Tech. Or he’s deliberately tricking common people and naive students into believing that AI research is safe and morally good because it will hopefully be decentralized and one day lead to a progressive utopia. Big Tech however view “decentralized AI” as a marketing tool, a way to sell AI to an audience dreaming of secular paradise, a facade hiding centralized AI power.

Stalin and Hitler also promised that science, technology and industry would save the world.

But each new Messiah says that: “This time it’s different!”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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