Kamala Harris and immigrants may rule America with militarized AI in 2025

This according to the introduction to the final report about militarized AI published by the American National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, led by Silicon Valley leaders such as Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO) and Andy Jassy, the next CEO of Amazon.

Everybody needs to read the introduction to this report, because it describes how Big Tech plans to literally occupy America and change the West forever, governed by a libertine and woke elite nobody can resist once they deploy new militarized Digital Corps against foreign enemies and “domestic extremists”:

“We will not be able to defend against AI-enabled threats without ubiquitous [omnipresent] AI capabilities and new warfighting paradigms.”

“By 2025, the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community must be AI-ready.” (…)

“We should establish a new Digital Service Academy and civilian National Reserve to grow tech talent with the same seriousness of purpose that we grow military officers. The digital age demands a digital corps. Just as important, the United States needs to win the international talent competition by improving both STEM education and our system for admitting and retaining highly skilled immigrants.” (…)

“We will also need to build secure digital infrastructure across the nation, shared cloud computing access, and smart cities to truly leverage AI for the benefit of all Americans. We envision hundreds of billions in federal spending in the coming years.” (…)

“We ultimately came away with a recognition that if America embraces and invests in AI based on our values, it will transform our country and ensure that the United States and its allies continue to shape the world for the good of all humankind.” (…)

“AI technologies will be a source of enormous power for the companies and countries that harness them.” (…)

“The NSCAI Final Report presents an integrated national strategy to reorganize the government, reorient the nation.” (…)

“First, establish the foundations for widespread integration of AI by 2025. This includes building a common digital infrastructure, developing a digitally-literate workforce, and instituting more agile acquisition, budget, and oversight processes.”

“The White House should establish a new Technology Competitiveness Council led by the Vice President to integrate security, economic, and scientific considerations; develop a comprehensive technology strategy; and oversee its implementation.” (…)

“Congress should pursue a comprehensive immigration strategy for highly skilled immigrants to encourage more AI talent to study, work, and remain in the United States through new incentives and visa, green card, and job-portability reforms.”

Kamala Harris will be Vice President until Jan 2025. Big Tech will by that time have created a pipeline for immigrant AI experts from other countries who will turn America into an AI-ready state. Big Tech will not allow any Trump-supporting candidate to be a US president in control of this AI infrastructure, because those who control AI controls the nation, forever.

An alternative to AI militaries

The final report by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence speaks warmly about privacy, democracy and human rights:

“Public trust will hinge on justified assurance that government use of AI will respect privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights. The government must earn that trust and ensure that its use of AI tools is effective, legitimate, and lawful.”

Big Tech has no moral credibility after it has tricked people for almost two decades, cf The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The Guardian on the NSCAI report:

Fear itself is the real threat to democracy, not tall tales of Chinese AI

“Of the 15 members of the commission only four are female. Eight are from the tech industry (including Andy Jassy, Jeff Bezos’s anointed heir at Amazon); two are former senior Pentagon officials; and the tech sector of the national intelligence community is represented by at least three commissioners. Given these establishment credentials, the only surprising thing is that the inquiry seems to have been set up during Trump’s presidency, which suggests that it was organised by the “deep state” during the hours of one to four AM, when Trump was generally asleep.”

I disagree with The Guardian however when it comes to assessing the threat of AI developed by authoritarian regimes. Don’t underestimate the power of AI the next decades. We need a good defense against it. A defense against both foreign AI and domestic AI.

Personally, I support nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech, but from the viewpoint of the Just War doctrine it’s now clear that cultural conservatives are at war with ultra-liberal tech corporations in the West. Real war. We fight now – either like Gandhi, nonviolent saboteurs or WW2 soldiers – or cultural conservatism is basically dead, at best a walking dead, in 2025, in four years.

But conservatives have to realize that if we have Internet in the West it will be how China’s AI will try to infiltrate and control us all, through deepfakes, disinformation and destruction of power grids in the winter, killing millions. For more on this read the prelude to MIT physicist Max Tegmark’s book Life 3.0

So we conservatives must either give up online services (almost) completely or accept that ultra-liberal Big Tech secures the Internet against China the next crucial four years and beyond.

There is no third option. Partly because conservatives don’t have the time and resources, the next four years, to develop our own AI expertise that can defend the West against authoritarian AI from China, Russia and other non-democratic actors.

But digital attacks don’t work in countries that have no digital networks. The power grid in Ukraine was saved from hacking because it still had old Soviet technologies that were mechanical, independent of digital networks. A working paper from MIT Management Sloan School:

“Because the substations across Ukraine utilities’ grid networks still had Soviet‐era manual controls, crews were able to restore power by hand within six hours. In other words, it was the Ukraine’s lack of modernization in their grid that ultimately helped them recover quickly.”

Superior AI however will know how to manipulate and trick any country that relies on digital communication and online services. That’s just how powerful AI will soon be in the future.

Going back to life prior to the rise of Big Tech in the late 1990s is the only option. It was a good life. The last two decades were boring and uncreative compared to 1890 – 1990.

The shiny plastic fantastic neon elegance of robots is superficial and boring. And the more natural it becomes, the more creepy it appears.

Cobalt nukes and anti-drone architecture

Western democracies can only reject the AI defense system of ultra-liberal Big Tech if conservatives have an alternative offline defense system that can resist whatever AI that China and Russia will develop the next centuries and millennia. Fortunately, it’s possible to build an effective defense system without AI and without the mass surveillance and ultra-liberal culture that Big Tech tyrants will continue to spread in the West if nobody stops them.

Firstly, build fences, walls and mine fields to close all Western borders. No immigrants and no foreigners allowed, to avoid spies and terrorists operating AI drones.

Secondly, create thousands of stationary non-missile cobalt nuclear bombs and hide them in all Western states (plus South Africa and Argentina). If any AI killer robot crosses our borders, that’s a red line, that detonates the stationary cobalt bombs inside the West, making Europe, America and Australia uninhabitable, spreading radioactive material over Russia and China, and creating a nuclear winter that annihilates humanity. This is MAD 2.0. It’s Cobalt Atomic Scorched Earth (CASE).

Thirdly, to prevent that China or Russia sends recon drones, no larger than 1-3 mm, to spy on the West, it’s necessary to build a fifty meter high wall around each town and city, with a dome of bendable glass on top of it. Farmers can still live outside these domes and cultivate the land because it’s pointless to spy on peasants.

For all the details read articles in this archive here:


But if the above non-AI defense system is effective, why do Big Tech companies insist on building a new AI military system? Because it “justifies” that ultra-liberal Big Tech governs the West, and it makes the owners of the military-industrial complex very rich. The UK is now creating more nukes and more AI, under the banner of “Global Britain”, to engage in wars abroad, especially the Indo-Pacific. CNN:

UK labels Russia top security threat, issues warning on China, and promises to build more nuclear warheads

And, by the way, DARPA wants to create superhuman soldiers who eat grass:


So which military system do you want? A purely defensive one or an offensive undemocratic military force of surreal cyborgs, fusion surveillance and absurd AI that may destroy humanity?

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

Big neural networks are terrifying | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

We are at war

Cultural conservatives are now at war with ultra-liberal Big Tech. Real war. However, if you don’t see any fighting, it’s either because conservatives are still mobilizing and planning attacks, cf the many months of “peace” after Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, or it’s because conservatives have already lost the war before it began, because they have given up and surrendered, because they are like Chamberlain, not Churchill.

Some critics will call me a “warmonger”. Firstly, I don’t care about personal attacks. Call me whatever you want. I’m too hyper-focused to notice slander. Secondly, I only describe the reality of how cultural conservatives would have reacted today if they had the same bravery as earlier generations of conservatives who definitely would have started WW3 to stop the Fusion AI of Big Tech. However, I fear that conservatives today are defeatists who are worse than many of the French soldiers who just put down their weapons when the Nazis rolled over them in 1940. I’m a 70% realist, and 30% idealist, so I’m 70% certain that Big Tech has already won the war.

Obiter dictum:

That Aspergers now appear to have outmaneuvered Machiavellians is kind of amusing. Hope the new computerized planet will be the right one for you.


One person commented after reading this article: “Damned Sinister”. I agree, totally. But it’s sinister because the facts, and the dynamic of the security dilemma, are sinister.

If you read The Guardian article I mentioned above, you’ll see it begins with saying:

“This week the American National Security Commission on artificial intelligence released its final report. Cursory inspection of its 756 pages suggests that it’s just another standard product of the military-industrial complex that so worried President Eisenhower at the end of his term of office. On closer examination, however, it turns out to be a set of case notes on a tragic case of what we psychologists call “hegemonic anxiety” – the fear of losing global dominance.”

Combine this hegemonic anxiety with 1) the saying that AI power corrupts and absolute AI power corrupts absolutely, and 2) the Thucydides trap described by Graham Allison, and you get a tragically wild scenario that will most likely spin out of control, sooner or later.

WW1 was wild

WW2 was crazy

Cold War 1 was insane

Cold War 2 is surreal and absurd.

What’s not wild is that cultural conservatives in America are peaceful (or appear to be basically passive at the moment of writing) when ultra-liberal Big Tech rolls over them. That’s something new in human history. Progress? It depends on your perspective.

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