The logic of destroying enemy propaganda facilities

The basic logic of all very severe conflicts is that if your enemy is about to destroy your core values and interests, then you have to destroy the enemy’s ability to do it.

It is this basic logic, and not “incitement to illegality”, that is the main driver of most physical conflicts, be it nonviolent sabotage, legitimate warfare and even some forms of unethical terrorism.

The only exceptions are 1) violent mob behavior when an angry crowd is told by a leader to “burn down that house!”, 2) online videos designed to emotionally glorify terrorism, and 3) radio and television messages dehumanizing the enemy by describing them as rats and cockroaches that must be exterminated.

1) – 3) appeals to dummies: uneducated idiots who do stupid things when they are emotionally aroused.

Emotions are an important motivator of course. Did you know that 1984 is not banned in China?

Why 1984 Isn’t Banned in China

The reason why 1984 is not banned in China (in 2019) is that the book is too intellectual to arouse the masses. In the West today, almost every citizen has heard of the book Brave New World but this awareness alone is not enough to emotionally motivate people to risk jail by attacking the new surveillance regimes in America and Europe.

There is a critical point however when some educated idealists – the 0.1 percenters or 0.01 percenters – clearly perceive on an intellectual level that things are getting so bad that if they don’t start fighting now it will hurt them physically and emotionally in the near future, so it’s better to get it over with, now, before it’s too late and all resistance is hopeless.

Fusion AI surveillance will make it impossible to stop globalized ultra-liberal propaganda in movies, tv series and games spread worldwide by the platforms of Big Tech.

When any cultural conservative reads 1) the above linked article about Fusion AI surveillance, 2) the book Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro, and 3) the Independent article “Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think“, then he or she will recognize the basic logic of all severe conflicts: destroy enemy propaganda before it destroys you.

The biggest ultra-liberal propaganda machine today is television. From a culturally conservative perspective it therefore follows logically from the last paragraph above that it’s justified to nonviolently sabotage all installations that facilitate the spread of this televised propaganda. Similar to how it followed logically from the premises of anti-Nazism to destroy the radio infrastructure that spread the propaganda of the Nazi regime in the 1930s.

The above is just a description of how some conclusions follow logically from some premises. It’s just logic. It’s not an incitement to do anything illegal.

In particular it’s not incitement to illegality when (DSI) invites critics to refute the logic described above.

You can ban or deplatform DSI, but you know that cultural conservatives will nevertheless follow the basic logic of all very severe conflicts.

An extreme form of clearly unethical “sabotage”, bordering on terrorism, has already occurred:

When Nashville Bombing Hit a Telecom Hub, the Ripples Reached Far Beyond

DSI and law enforcement agencies in the West at least share the view that combat or explosions should not occur in the vicinity of civilians. DSI encourages militant activists not to copy what Warner did in Nashville. By unambiguously stating that this attack was ethically wrong it will get readers to think twice before repeating his mistake. However, there are plenty of television/broadcasting installations in relatively remote areas, away from civilians, including the launchpads for the Starlink system if Elon Musk decides to use this system to spread libertine or woke content.

The Guardian:

Anger after Indonesia offers Elon Musk Papuan island for SpaceX launchpad

“Biak island residents say SpaceX launchpad would devastate island’s ecology and displace people from their homes”

When a constitutional democracy is so fractured that it naturally motivates people to follow the basic logic of very severe conflicts, it will of course motivate the new illegitimate corporate states in the West to increase mass surveillance.

Wired describes in this article here how the UK is secretly planning a new surveillance system:

“The country passed its Investigatory Powers Act in 2016. Now, its building what could be the most powerful data collection system used by any democratic nation.”

Stop this corporate fascistoid system. You are a traitor, a Quisling, betraying democracy if you support this system.

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