Is the new generation of intelligence officers retarded or just high-functioning autists?

I’m not a fan of digital surveillance, as you may have noticed, but since I’m giving the new high-tech intelligence agencies a lot of flak it’s necessary to state very clearly that I’m not opposed to old-school intelligence work that respects the Constitution and rule of law in Western democracies. I consider Joe Pistone, for example, to be a genuine hero:

Sit Down with the REAL Donnie Brasco (Joe Pistone) and Michael Franzese

With fusion AI bot swarms there will eventually be no human spies or undercover officers left in the West. They’ll all be out of work. No more documentaries about new heroic law enforcement officers. People in 10 – 20 years will feel nostalgia when watching movies about James Bond and Jason Bourne. Spy movies in 2050 will only be about fictional or real events set in approximately 2020 or earlier, like we today make movies about medieval knights. A robotic society governed by AI will be boring as hell. Intelligence officers who support this inhuman development are destroying their own tradecraft. And here I thought Machiavellians were smart people looking out for their own interests. What a bunch of nearsighted morons.

Or have almost all of them been replaced by high-functioning autists and nerds close to being Aspergers?

For more on how people on or close to the autism spectrum play a central role in Silicon Valley, read NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman.

I’m not opposed to Aspergers. Being a scholar I naturally have empathy with them, but when they get power, view Earth as the wrong planet and try to make life into a machine, cf the computational theory of mind, then it’s time to stop this development.

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