The liberal fallacy: AI is not a zero-sum game

Max Tegmark says AI is not a zero-sum game (01:30):

AI is not a zero-sum game | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

Tegmark and other liberals are mistaken because they assume human beings are only concerned about materialistic prosperity. But too many humans want power and a majority are religious or spiritual, so there will always be a conflict between 1) ultra-liberal regimes and authoritarian regimes, 2) materialistic libertinism and traditional religions, and 3) globalists and nationalists. Those who attain AI supremacy first will win all three conflicts. That’s a zero-sum game, because the winner will not accept compromise in these three areas once AI gives leaders the power to force through their own values.

AI power corrupts, absolute AI power will dominate absolutely.

Liberals are idiots if they don’t understand the extremely serious implications of this:

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

Alternatively, the supporters of AI in the West are deliberately misleading people.

To paraphrase Cato the Elder: AI must be destroyed. Because the alternative is eventually some transhumanist version of Skynet.

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