How can generals know what hidden codes and secret backdoors are put into AI military systems when these are built by Big Tech billionaires with their own globalist agendas?

Big Tech and Pentagon have opposite interests.

Pentagon’s interest is to defend America.

Big Tech’s interest is to expand globally in order to spread ultra-liberal transhumanism to a point where the leaders of Big Tech are the new emperors of the world.

Pentagon is supposed to be loyal to its own nation.

Big Tech is loyal to its global customer base and its own worldwide supply chains.

The billionaires running Big Tech only want to cooperate with Pentagon because they now fear that their ultra-liberal globalist agenda is threatened by the AI power of China. Big Tech will therefore rely on the military and intelligence agencies to build AI which is ultimately designed and controlled by the IQ geniuses working for Big Tech.

The corporation that first builds AGI will rule the world, as described by the MIT physicist Max Tegmark in the prelude to his book Life 3.0 So it’s in the self-interest of Big Tech wannabe emperors to piggyback on the military to get more resources, more secret experiments and more data to feed its AI.

Pentagon is well aware that the globalist agenda of Big Tech is not aligned with the national interest of America or any other country. So when Pentagon is courting Big Tech it’s a big mistake, like a capitalist asking a communist or anarchist to build a defense system that can protect private property.

No military should put itself in a position where it doesn’t have full control over its own defensive and offensive systems.

How can generals know what billionaires like Bezos and Gates are doing in secret business meetings in Davos or China?

AI is a black box. So, again, how can generals know what hidden codes and secret backdoors are put into AI military systems when these are built by Big Tech billionaires with their own globalist agendas?

If you are a general, who should you trust? A techno-hipster microdosing LSD or a farmer in the heartland of America who loves his own country? Who are most likely to betray you? The globalist or the nationalist?

Western militaries can defend America, Europe and Australia against the most powerful AGI by building cobalt nukes and relying on anti-drone architecture.

When reviewing the alternative non-AI defense systems that I have linked to below keep in mind that I sometimes use the language of absurdism to describe them because the fourth industrial revolution created by Big Tech has forced humanity into an unprecedented absurd situation.


One reasonable critic said that the military probably has the ability to verify that AI systems are secure. “Am I supposed to believe they dont have the capability?”

Firstly, you can’t verify what’s in an AI black box. Secondly, AI in the military will consist of billions of lines of code, so verifying that there is no backdoor is extremely difficult. Pentagon lacks the resources and highly talented manpower, that’s why they are wooing Big Tech. Thirdly, when Big Tech & Washington DC are meshed together, how can you know that those who are appointed to verify that the AI system is secure, are not corrupt?

The above critic replied:

“I think the military has capabilities that you couldnt fathom. Also think they have access to the highest quality individuals and money is of no concern to them.”

Of course, outsiders are not in a position to really know what is going on inside the most secret research areas of the military. But one can infer a thing or two:

1) if the military had the capabilities internally or via patriotic tech companies in the private sector, why are they cooperating with Bezos, Gates and other West Coast ultra-liberal billionaires who have clearly a globalist agenda not aligned with “America First”?

2) if you look at all the hacked software and compromised hardware the last weeks, months and years, it’s obvious that nobody can know whether an AI system has been properly secured, no matter how smart and resourceful your security team is.

3) one name: Snowden.

The civilian sector is probably far ahead when it comes to IT stuff. A good indicator of that is/was the outdated computers often used by the military, in some fighter jets for example. It’s natural that Big Tech companies are better than Pentagon because they have budgets like many smaller nation states, operate globally (with China), and focus only on one thing: computer software and hardware, without being bogged down by bureaucracy.

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