DARPA wants to create transhuman soldiers who eat grass

The Atlantic:

More Than Human? The Ethics of Biologically Enhancing Soldiers

“In the next generation, our warfighters may be able to eat grass, communicate telepathically, resist stress, climb walls like a lizard, and much more. Impossible? We only need to look at nature for proofs of concept. For instance, dolphins don’t sleep (or they’d drown); Alaskan sled-dogs can run for days without rest or food; bats navigate with echolocation; and goats will eat pretty much anything. Find out how they work, and maybe we can replicate that in humans.”

Global Policy Journal:

Transhumanism and War

“Other projects pursued by DARPA in partnership with various universities across the United States include programs such as: “Accelerated Learning”, “Crystalline Cellulose Conversion to Glucose” (enabling humans to eat grass and other non-digestible plants), “Human-aided optical recognition”, (neuro-optical binoculars to detect threats), “RealNose”, (extra sensors to detect chemicals as accurately as a dog) and “Z-Man” (allowing humans to climb up walls like lizards).”

The Rise of Supersoldiers – How AI Changes Everything

Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact had larger conventional military forces than Western Europe, but we had nukes. If China gets AI super-soldiers, then we can have cobalt nukes and anti-drone city architecture, without AI, without any surveillance. Since Big Tech has made the military into a place for sci-fi surrealists in uniforms let me introduce the Kafka Dome:


If you want an alternative to the surreal AI and absurd cyborg military system of Big Tech read chronologically the articles presented in the archive here:


If you think AI-facilitated progress in the liberal West and beyond can be a global solution that will reduce wars, WMD terrorism and mass surveillance, please read:

The liberal fallacy: AI is not a zero-sum game

The liberal poverty fallacy regarding the cause of violence, terrorism and surveillance

Cultural conservatives are mainly against the ultra-liberal version of Big Tech

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