Cultural conservatives are mainly against the ultra-liberal version of Big Tech

If Western militaries want to win the AI arms race it’s not smart to alienate millions of cultural conservatives by promoting an ultra-liberal version of Big Tech.

If Big Tech corporations and their subsidiaries stop spreading libertinism and so-called “woke” content in the mainstream culture, over 90% of the culturally conservative opposition to the military Big Tech complex will disappear over night, not counting criticism of surveillance and transhumanism.

Pentagon must ask itself: is it in the national interest of America to make a mortal enemy out of cultural conservatives in the West for no other reason than a new ideological need to spread libertinism and woke values in the mainstream culture?

If Pentagon continues to support libertines and woke ultra-liberals, it will be easier to get tech nerds to create AI and robots, but you also lose the loyalty of many of the best and fiercest human soldiers, and you risk civil wars in America and Europe.

It’s a problem for Western police, intelligence agencies and militaries when all cultural conservatives in America and Europe have more in common with a Christian nation like Russia than they have things in common with the ultra-liberal West Coast of America.

The wise choice is to return to a mainstream culture that both moderate liberals and moderate conservatives can enjoy; the culture we had prior to the globalization of libertinism and woke values, a globalization made possible by the top-down spread of Big Tech infrastructure across the planet.

If this infrastructure doesn’t start to respect the values of moderate cultural conservatives, don’t be surprised if rightwing people from all nations wage a (proxy) war on it.

How will the ultra-liberal AI of the new woke Pentagon get all the data it needs if the Western Internet is partly destroyed?

If the culture war continues it will be more than Washington DC that needs a permanent wall as defense against attackers. That’s just a fact. It’s just a description of reality.

If the culture war is not de-escalated significantly, it will never be safe in Washington DC if they take down the fences and send the National Guard home. Because once the extra security is not there anymore that is when it’s rational to attack. That’s just a fact. It’s just a description of reality.

99.9 % of all cultural conservatives will not do anything illegal. It’s the 0.01 percenters you have to worry about. And among them are some very dangerous individuals we all have to worry about.

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