The liberal poverty fallacy regarding the cause of violence, terrorism and surveillance

My unassessed Dr Philos thesis is basically about the morality of capturing billionaires and forcing them to give 10% of their fortunes to people dying of poverty in African disaster areas, so I believe in militantly fighting for international economic justice, but I also support defending your own national culture, and that’s why I’m a moderate white-skinned nationalist:

Once you see the world from a culturally conservative perspective – a viewpoint that always include non-fanatical loyalty to your own ethnic group – it becomes obvious that socialists, liberals, capitalists and other materialists are wrong when claiming that 1) crime and terrorism will be reduced if only poverty disappears in a state, and 2) surveillance in a state will be unnecessary when crime and terrorism disappear because of poverty reduction, less unemployment and better integration of immigrants in the economy of a nation state.

The mistake is to assume that a mono-ethnic culture is not essential to more easily maintaining peace in a state without having to use extra resources on policing and expensive integration projects.

Norway was a relatively poor country in the early 1970s, but we had a Christian mono-culture with much less crime and terrorism compared to the violence that increased in the late 1970s to 2021 – a period characterized by mass immigration, Americanization, neoliberalism, open borders and prosperity. The same applies to Sweden and Denmark, more or less.

So, despite the headline, I disagree with some very significant statements and assumptions made by participants during this talk on Timcast IRL:

MULTICULTURALISM May Be America’s Biggest WEAKNESS, Differing Cultures Can FRACTURE Societies

I had to laugh when Tim Pool said that “Sweden is one of the most racist place I’ve ever been to” (08:38). Many in Norway view Sweden as a multicultural disaster. Even my best friend, who has been far-left all his life, claims that Sweden got too many immigrants. The new identity of Sweden is to not have a Swedish identity. Because the country has been hijacked by neoliberal multiculturalists. When the murder rate spikes from 1 to 13 in a small “paradise” of once 8 million in 1970 to 257 bomb attacks in 2020, then it’s clear that open global borders don’t work:

Drug gang violence in Sweden linked to 60% increase in bomb blasts

Tim, nationalism is not racism.

But multiculturalism in old nation states will lead to rightwing violence that leads to immigrant gang violence that leads to rightwing terrorism and Islamist terrorism that leads to mass surveillance – in a vicious circle.

By the way, in the Timcast it was so funny and very ROFL to listen to half-Vietnamese and half-Korean occupiers of Native American land. You got so much ethical credibility when claiming that Swedes in their own country are “racists”.

Tim is nevertheless a hyper-individualist, and his channels are my favorites, so it’s a friendly ROFL. After all, I’m a hypocrite too, so I’m not in a position to throw stones, especially not on another freethinker.

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