How Big Tech tracks you on the run

Let’s naively assume – just for the sake of argument – that people somehow wake up and stop today’s development toward a cashless society, then you can still buy things with cash and avoid being tracked, right? Not necessarily. When all shops are connected to the new Fusion AI surveillance Internet, aka “Skynet“, it’s easy for AI to detect what people buy. So let’s say you have a purchasing history of buying a specific brand of beer, a particular brand of shoes and you love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, then that’s all on your permanent digital record if you in the past have bought those things with a credit or debit card. Consequently, if you are now on the run and use cash to buy the same things in a small remote town, the AI can know where you are, based on your purchasing habits.

Change your purchasing habits if you are on the run.

Realized that the above tracking method is possible after watching this talk with Snowden (08:05):

Edward Snowden 2021| Prepare Yourself for what is COMING

If you have the guts to join the resistance, if you care about the future of your children, be creative on your own when attacking Big Tech – or learn a few tricks and spread the info through word of mouth to other militant activists while you do nothing illegal after reading articles here on DSI.

And, no, I’m not recommending DSI in an attempt to harvest clicks or gain attention. I’ve already had enough media attention in Norway, in all but one major newspaper in my own country, so I don’t care about inflated and cheap online “fame”. Here are two articles I once wrote in favor of surveillance, published by the most respected newspaper in Norway:

More precise and targeted surveillance

Dangerous surveillance?

Use Google Translate to get a 95 % accurate translation. Yes, I know it’s Google, über-Big Tech, but if you want to check some of my earlier views an accurate translation is necessary.

Only mention the links above to show that if I wanted media attention and money I could have just stayed within the mainstream ultra-liberal herd and withered away. T.S. Eliot:

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

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